12 Baby Shower Games That Won’t Make You Cringe


Nothing elicits a groan quite like a baby shower invitation. The excitement of celebrating a new baby is worth showing up for. But we all know how awful those old standby baby shower games can be. The cringe-worthy mashed candy bar in a diaper game steers you away from your favorite Snickers bar for a week. So when it comes to throwing a classy baby shower, selecting the right games is crucial.

Thankfully, you don’t have to rush out to buy candy bars and diapers. (Unless you plan to keep them separate, that is.) There are plenty of fun games out there that will have your party attendees talking for weeks after. Here are a few selections to inspire your party planning.

Baby Shower Games

1. Ice Cube Baby

Set up: Before the shower, purchase those little plastic babies you can find at party stores. Then freeze them in an ice cube tray. As you hand out drinks for your guests, put one ice cube in each drink.

How to play: As guests are mingling and sharing excitement about the new baby, they may not be staring at their melting ice cube. The first person to notice that theirs has melted calls out “My water broke!” This game can get pretty silly, especially if it’s a guys and gals type of baby shower.


Source: www.musely.com

2. Notes on Diapers

Set up: Get a huge box of newborn-sized diapers and a few colorful permanent markers. Pass around diapers and markers to guests. Have them write something fun and encouraging on the back of the diaper. It can be a quote, something that will make the parent laugh, or words that will cheer them up when the going gets rough.

How to play: Encourage guests to write kind, friendly things on the back of the diapers. Then they pass them all back to you. Re-pack the diapers in their packaging. Or arrange them in a fun basket or diaper holder. Present them to the mom and dad. When they’re up at 2 a.m., reading a fun quote from their friends will make that late night shift more bearable.


Source: imsupermommy.com

3. Baby Shower Price Is Right

Set up: Arrange a few of the baby shower gifts and some basic baby items on a table. You can use items such as strollers, layettes, or diaper cream.

How to play: The baby shower guests each get to guess the price of an item. Whoever guesses the price that is the closest wins the round. Everyone needs a little competition now and again. This game is sure to get your guests having some fun!

4. Mommy & Daddy’s Secrets

Set up: Interview each parent separately. Ask them questions about the baby and their impending parenthood. You could ask questions like “Are you hoping for a boy or girl?” or “What was your reaction when you heard that you were going to have a baby?” Make sure to write down all of the answers accurately.

How to play: Have the parents sit at the front of the room. One at a time, ask each parent the same questions. But this time, have them guess what the other parent’s answer to the question would be. This is bound to get some laughs all around!

5. Guess the Mother’s Measurements

Set up: Get together a ball of yarn and a pair of scissors. Have each guest try their hand at guessing how big the mother-to-be’s belly is. No cheating by measuring their own waist or a friend’s! Each person cuts off a length of yarn that they think will fit around the baby belly.

How to play: Have the mother stand at the front of the room. Invite each guest up to measure their string around her belly. The person with the string that is the closest to perfect wins the game!


Source: etsy.com

6. Tinkle In The Pot

Set up: This game pokes fun at the never ending potty breaks that pregnant women are constantly taking. Guests get to participate in the tinkling fun, but in a creative way. Set up jars in a line on one side of the room. Each guest gets an inflated balloon and a stack of quarters. Have them stuff their shirts with the balloons then put one quarter between their knees. They will have to pull their knees together tightly to hold the quarter in place.

How to play: When you say “go!” each guest must waddle across the room toward their jar. When they get to the jar, they must “tinkle” into it. Or rather they must drop the quarter carefully into the jar. They then have to do this many times until all their quarters are in their jar. The first person to get all their “tinkles” (quarters) in the jar wins!

Variation: Do this game outside for some extra fun. Instead of quarters, use water balloons for another level of challenge. Don’t let your water break – or rather your balloon pop!

7. Who’s That Baby?

Set up: Have each guest submit a photo of he or she as a baby. Gather all of the photos together, being careful to remember which photo belongs to which person.

How to play: Pull out each photo and have the guests try to guess who the baby might be. This game is great for a crowd that is more unfamiliar with each other. It works as a nice ice breaker as well.

8. Who’s the Celebrity Baby?

Set up: Everyone loves a chance to show off their pop culture knowledge. You’ll need photos of celebrity babies for this game. Set it up just like the game above.

How to play: Have guests try to guess who the babies are and who their celebrity parent is. If they’re like most people, they’ll have been stealing glances of People magazine in the check-out line. Whoever can guess the most babies correctly wins!


Source: etsy.com

9. Baby Time Capsule

Set up: Find a nice-looking container that is big enough to hold mementos. Buy notecards and gather together markers and pens.

How to play: This one is going to be special someday. Have the guests write up their thoughts for the baby. Have them jot down special quotes, kind wishes, what they think the baby will be like when they are grown. Anything that will be special when that little baby turns 18. Present the finished time capsule to the mother-to-be. She’ll hang onto it until baby’s 18th birthday, when he or she can open up and feel the love.

10. Designer Baby

Set up: This game is great for the crafty folks among us. Buy several plain baby onesies in a few different sizes. Get together non-toxic fabric paint, stencils, fabric markers, scraps of material, yarn, ribbons, iron-on letters/designs, and any other fun items that would work for decorating. You’ll also need mini sewing kits, a hot iron, and perhaps a glue gun or two.

How to play: Set up a crafting station and let the guests go to town. This project can take a while, so give everyone ample time to really get creative. It makes for a fun activity for guests who don’t know each other very well. The results are priceless keepsakes for the parents-to-be!

11. Baby Names Through The Years

Set up: See if your guests can figure out which baby names match up with which decade. Go through the Social Security Administration’s decade lists of popular baby names. Print out or write up the lists to have as your cheat sheet. Get together paper and pens/pencils for your guests to use. Make three decade columns on each paper. You could choose the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, or whichever decades would make the game most fun for your crowd.

How to play: Hand out the paper and pens. Ask your guests to list the most popular baby names during that decade. You can limit the names by gender, especially if it fits the theme of the party. The person who guesses the most names correctly, wins!

12. Franken-Baby

Set up: You’ll need photos of the mom-to-be and dad-to-be, as well as a few photos of celebrities. You will also need to pick a website that does photographic “what your baby will look like” predictions (such as MakeMeBabies).

How to play: Upload the photos of the real parents and photos of celebrities. Have the website generate a photo of the baby using one parent and one celebrity. The guests have to guess which real parent was included in the mix.


Source: projectnursery.com


Baby showers don’t have to be something you dread planning or attending. With a little creativity and thought, you can create a party that everyone remembers. Since a baby is a once-in-a-lifetime event, celebrating their upcoming birth should be too. Use a few of the games to make it a day that the parents treasure. For some great additions to your baby shower planning, check out iCustomLabel’s baby page. We can print up custom invitations for your party, help you personalize party favors, and even get you ready to pass out the cigars. Help make your baby shower special with that personal touch and a few genuinely fun games.

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