5 Creative Customized Bachelorette Party Favors


Your best friend is tying the knot and it’s up to you to throw the bachelorette party of the year. You have come up with the perfect venue (or maybe venues!) and a selection of exciting activities. But you’re still puzzling over what to give out as party favors. You hope to create a memorable last-night-single event for your best friend. And that means paying attention to every detail of the party.

You don’t want the party favors to be run-of-the-mill or too boring. But you also don’t necessarily want them to be too off-color or silly. You’re looking for fun with a big hint of classy. You also want to make sure they’re customized just for the event. No cheap trinkets or knick-knacks for this party. And you might be looking to create party favors that seem high-end without breaking your budget.

It’s a tall order, but very doable. You can easily put together amazing packages to give to each guest at the end of the night. These gifts can be focused on self-care and pampering, or they can have a fun party twist.

Source: https://jackietara.com/2015/08/07/diy-hangover-boxes/

Here are a few ideas for items that can be put together into a box or a bag.

1. Include water bottles as part of a “Hangover Kit.”

 Hangover Kit

Source: https://jackietara.com/2015/08/07/diy-hangover-boxes/

If your bachelorette party will involve plenty of cocktails, send your girls home with lots of (pretty!) water. When they wake up the next morning, they will be very grateful to have plenty of H2O around. You can create witty labels and attach “Hangover Kit” bags, with headache medicine and a sleep mask inside. Make more labels for water bottles to include during the party, and you’ll be certain that everyone will be feeling just fine in time for the wedding.

2. Send them home with classy wine.


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Purchase your favorite wine for each girl, and create a custom label that means something special to the bride-to-be. Perhaps you’ve all been close friends since elementary school and you’ve got a funny story that’s become an inside joke. Get it on a wine bottle and you’ll be having everyone in fits of laughter or tears of joy (maybe both!). If you’re all more-or-less strangers, use the label to dedicate your girlish fun to the bride-to-be.

3. Create custom single-serving cocktail kits.

single-serving cocktail kits

Source: https://www.evermine.com/weddingblog/31003-2/

Maybe you feel like sending everyone home with something a little more metropolitan. Purchase mini cocktail shakers and include a single-serving vodka and cranberry juice. Or invent a cocktail just for your special girl group. Make the label custom and you’ll have a truly unique, one-of-a-kind gift. They can continue the party at home, remembering all the fun they had that night.

4. Create high-end cocktail kits.

beautiful cocktail glasses

Source: http://www.urbanbar.com/products/cocktail-glasses/

Maybe you want to up the ante and you have a bigger budget to work with. You can purchase beautiful cocktail glasses for each person and include some high-quality spirits of your choice. Create custom labels on each bottle, making it a night to remember each time they pour themselves a cosmopolitan. And every time they use the cocktail glass they’ll think of the bride-to-be. What could be a better way to remember the occasion?

5. Make them pampering kits.

pampering kits

Source: http://thebach.com/blog/2016/04/throw-spa-party-home/

Bachelorette Party Wine Labels

Source: http://thebach.com/blog/2014/11/bachelorette-party-favors-2/

Put together a bottle of champagne, a candle, and spa essentials. Include items such as bath salts or fizzies, mud face masks, and sugar scrubs. Don’t forget to create fun, custom labels! After a long night of celebrating, she’ll find the time to engage in a little rest and relaxation. Sipping bubbly champagne in a warm bath will be just what she needs before heading to the wedding. And don’t you want her to come fresh and ready to party some more?

The bachelorette party is a night to remember, especially for the bride. It should end with lots of new memories, great stories, and amazing party favors to take home. Make sure these favors are memorable and allow each girl to savor the fun of the evening. Include items that will help them recover from a late night doused in tasty cocktails, and you’ll ensure she’s also ready for the wedding.

Don’t forget to include custom labels on everything for that extra personal feel. Labels can make the night last much longer, as each person is reminded of the event. Bachelorette parties are about celebrating friendship, so make sure your party favors show this sisterhood to each attendee.

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