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To The Star Spangled Banner.


nautical-dessert-table nautical-backyard-bash

Now we know we are a couple seasons a head of ourselves with this one, but we were browsing over at Hostess With The Mostess and saw this one and wanted to share right away. Plus there is nothing like willing for the summer to come by planning your awesome parties now!!


Of course this party sticks to Red, White, and Blue. As well as Stars, Strips and anything nautical! The above place settings are paper napkins, paper plates and cute baking cups. Not only will there be little to no dishes to clean up but you can buy what you need and for the next party get new matching plates.


There are so many simple treats and decor in this party.


Look at these cute chip treat boxes, add our labels and I am in LOVE!


Where would one even start with this party? Popcorn? Place Settings?


Jumbo Gum Balls in this clear tubes with ribbon and stars on top make super cute favours. SImple, DIY, and Cheap. But finding only red, white and blue ones may take a little while.


And last but not least, every good party needs drinks!  Even if it is as simple as soda pop adding a cute label would tie it into any theme. How about our beer labels?


– Event Concept & Styling: Jen Carver of Banner Events
– Photographer: Rochelle Pettingill
– Graphic Design Suite & Invitation: Anders Ruff Custom Designs
– Custom fondant cupcake toppers & macarons: 4 Kids Cakes
– Cupcakes: Designs by SK
– Crab character suckers, Nautical napkins & plates, nautical pennant garland, nautical table garland, life preservers, popcorn boxes, anchor stir sticks, rope handle baskets, lanterns, starfish: Oriental Trading Company
– Sugar star pops: Tikkido
– Acrylic craft paint: DecoArt Inc.
– Custom laser cut wood letters & nautical décor (anchors, captain’s wheel, paddles, etc…) & vinyl: Ten23 Designs
– Textured cardstock, colored jute, grosgrain ribbon & This to That adhesive: American Crafts
– Farm stand milk bottles: Red Hill General Store
– Wooden utensils, red paper lanterns, red, white & blue gumball tubes: Katarina’s Paperie
– Star balloons, fry boxes, glittered swizzle sticks: Party On! Designs
– Red, silver & blue Sparkle Sticks: Made by a Princess
– White tablecloths: Wholesale Event Solutions
– Striped treat cups, napkins & paper straws: Petite Party Studio
– 4th of July ribbon: Ribbon Revelry
– Custom hair bows: Designs by SK
– Custom nautical shirts: Make it Mine Couture
– Custom 4th of July firework shirts: Great Stitch
– Custom pom wands: Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams

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Christmas Cookie Exchange…



The season is here, and the days to the big day are getting closer. If you wanted to mix up your normal christmas cookie choices then host a cookie exchange! There is almost no prep work to a cookie exchange as the guests bring the main event, the COOKIES!!

Thanks to Glorious Treats for this party!


The point of a christmas cookie exchange is to have each guest bring a couple dozen of their favourite kind of cookie. Try to make it different kinds of cookies! And then everyone meet sup and you talk to friends, mingle, and swap cookies. This allows each person to head home with a variety of cookies to eat!


How about setting up a Hot Chocolate Bar? Basic hot chocolate but with a choice of marshmallows, carmel, chocolate chips, and candy cane to put in it! Everyone will love making there favourite mix!


When you are letting people know that they should be different kinds of cookies. They do not have to be basic cookies any way…


How about cookies on a stick?


There is no decor to this party either, just some red and green plates and table clothes. The cookies are enough decor! The labels in the photos can be replaced with our Christmas Collection!

This party also had a cookie design bar, the kids got to decorate gingerbread men as there parents snacked!

So many cute ways you could do this party, and the more people the more kinds of cookies!!

Have fun!

Let us know if you make some cookies! Send us photos!

Party details –

Party Host, concept, set-up and many of the delicious treats – Auntie Bea’s Bakery

Photography, set-up help, props and Hot Cocoa Cookies – Glorious Treats (me)

Printables – Swish Printables

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Ready to Take Off??



This shower idea is super cute and ready to take off. What about you? Are airplanes your thing? You could even turn this idea into a boys 1st or 2nd birthday while he “starts the the journey to his life!”

We found this shower over at Kara’s Party Ideas, we have been loving their posts!


What do we love most about this party? How about making invites in the vintage air mail envelopes you see here! Or the most adorable cake pops!


How about including your other children to help decorate for this one? May make them at ease with the idea of a party for someone who is not them. How to let them help? Get them to make the paper airplanes that hang from the ceiling! Or take them out with you and let them pick out the vintage toy planes that will be hanging around as well!


This party is also super easy to decorate for… grab some vintage looking stamps and stick away (we recommend you do this and not your other little ones, we like the walls the color they are).

Need one more idea? How about checking out our baby shower section and picking out some labels, tags, and toppers!


Have you used our products before?? Let us know!! Email us some photos and a maybe even a couple sentences and you may just get a spot on our blog!

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Let The Count Down Begin



Well it is almost that time of year… where we will all be staying up late, surrounded by loved ones to count down to what is going to be a ‘better year’. Why not celebrate the last couple hours of 2013 in style?

Now we know this party is a theme done last year, but with a few number changes you can make it work for this year! Thank you to Craft That party!


This party is super classic. It is a color scheme of black, silver, white and yellow accents! I just love love love yellow! How amazing! I just love a little sparkle!

NYE13CakeBallsH_zpsd2232b73 NYE13Cookies3H_zpsf51f7c8c nyecollage1_zps7236724f

Want to see the treats? How about the ball drop (up side down) cake pops, count down sugar cookies, and a ruffle cake! Simple to make and even more delicious.


Over all this party is perfect, there is even a count down wreath were you can take off tubes of confetti and shoot them off at the hours towards midnight!

Make sure to drop by our site and make some personalized labels for your new years even shindig!

Photography: Studio One Two One
Fondant Toppers, Cake Topper, and Custom Oreos: Love & Sugar Kisses
Cake, Cupcakes, and Cake Pops: Samantha’s Sweets
Silver Mermaid Backdrop: Drop It Modern
New Years Eve Printable Collection: The TomKat Studio
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For your little Love Bug!


 Personalized Birthday Labels

It seems to me that one of the only bugs little girls aren’t scared of are ladybugs, so why not turn that into a super cute theme for your little love bug?

Well over at Catch My Party they did just that, and we love them even more for it!

The didn’t even have to decorate the whole house, they stuck to the little details all on the main table!

 Personalized Birthday Labels

Of course an easy place to start is to add red with blacks to the simple things, like ribbon on this cake, or a paper plate on the white table cloth. But this cake went a step further and now there a Queen Love Bug at the very top with all her little family members or babies crawling around the sides! TOO CUTE! Almost to cute to eat!

img_5373_standard img_5357_standard

Most of the food featured laby bugs, keep it simple where you can, that way it is harder to make mistakes. The one piece that caught our eye was the cupcake topiary. Yup you read that right, that topiary is eatable .. and is chocolate cupcakes and red frosting! Delish! That is past what we consider simpler, but you must have a friend who loves to bake… right?!

 Personalized Birthday Labels

This is where we come in… see these cute labels? Well add a touch of the garden feel and add our Lady Bug Tags/Labels here instead! I am a fan of the color green so this these labels are more what I love!


Over all this party is amazing! We just love how they turned someones nick name “love bug” into a full theme! And she will look back on it and be totally not embarrassed! Point to the parents who thought this up!

Table Design: Kelli McCarthy (Parties By KLM)

Cake: Cakes By Colleen Craig (

Sugar Cookies: Goldisweets (

Backdrop: Amy Greenwood

Printables (Banner, Food Tags, and Sign): ThumbAlina Lane on (

Fondant toppers on Chocolate Oreos: Your Fantasy Cakes on (

Fondant Cupcake Toppers and mini fondant Ladybugs: Like Butter on (

Have you used our product in a party? Well what are you waiting for? Send us pictures, we want to see! And maybe we will post them as well!!

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It is a Magical Day!



So why not a magical theme! Harry Potter is huge! Even now, after all the books and movies have come to an end, and the magical world of Hogwarts is still very much alive.


This party is all about the super cute details… invitations in the form of acceptance letters from Dumbledore, ‘sorting’ friends while they come threw the door… You could take this party in so many different directions!! Make the colors in the theme the ones of your favourite house!


It would also be great to provide props to your guests. Glasses, wands, and scarfs are just a few helpful ideas. Or go all out and have everyone dress up as their favourite person, professors included!

_DSC2294_8ab6266b-f85e-46b1-8da6-c3b6566b7a69 _DSC2296_d49ac267-7382-43fb-a3ae-558da80f40a3

This party, that we found at We Heart Parties, thinks of all the little details. Even to in the books or movies they didn’t eat lightning bolt themed cookies, we don’t think your guests will turn them down! I wouldn’t.

_DSC2241_8022e8ce-cca4-4728-9ad0-7ed8d2fe4f49 _DSC2242_54229e41-5312-4566-be82-31027804dc3b _DSC2249_263d9204-bbb2-47b8-a584-a8eb71644675

Now here is one of our favorite parts, the super cute labels! You could check out our site and design your own super cute labels, or browse our wide selection! We love the scroll look, but vintage would fit, as well as different colors. So many choices!

_DSC2252_4575f2bc-8a89-430d-98ac-bef73f266798 _DSC2271_0e4e6604-6a3f-4c03-ae54-215f23c25856 _DSC2300_20754920-1015-41a5-8014-885c8e86fce7

The details of this party make it! We can tell that they are fans of Gryffindor, but it doesn’t mean you have to be! It makes simple food look like a weekend in hogsmeade and makes every adult want to turn 11 again!

Used our labels before? We would just LOVE to see what you used them for! Email us some photos and a couple sentence and you may be featured on our blog!

Vendor 1:  Cake and Cupcakes by Chef A
Vendor 2:  Cookies by Sweet Treats by Martie
Vendor 3:  Concept/Styling & Photography by A&K Lolly Buffet

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Down the Rabbit Hole…


Alice (3)

Who didn’t love the movie Alice in Wonderland? Even the newer version is fantastic. And it seems to be a theme that is trending this fall. I know I personally just hosted a Un-Birthday Down the Rabbit Hole for my birthday this past summer. Just before the trend!

We found this un-birthday over at The Tom Kat Studio!

Alice (20)

This tread is being used for wedding showers, birthdays, even actually weddings! The bright colors and mismatched dish wear effect makes this party any thrifty shoppers dream! I had a blast collecting mismatched teacups from thrift stores, garage sales, and friends.

Alice (18)

Make sure your table looks like Chaos! Paper Lanterns are a MUST! and even better if you can provide you guests chairs, stools, or cushions at all different heights! Need more detail? Google is a place to start, or have a girls night and rewatch the movie!

Alice (9)

Look at these lush flowers and cute table settings… don’t want to do real flowers? or just don’t have the option to? Go to your nearest dollar store and grab any fake flowers you can get your hands on. Make sure they don’t match at all tho! Go even a step further and glue goggly eyes on them.. everything is alive in wonderland!!

cupcakes tea cup

These labels are super cute, tho ours would look just as fantastic with this party. Check out our brightly colored peacock labels.

Alice (17)

We just love everything about this party!! The snacks, the books, the flowers, the bright colors! Who wants to travel to wonderland with me?

Used any of our labels before? Let us see how! Send us photos and you may just be fettered on our blog!

Photographer :: Laura Winslow (Gilbert)
Tablescape Styling/Accessories & Party Goods :: The TomKat Studio (Chandler)
Cupcakes & Cookies :: Decadent Delights (Gilbert)
Poms, Lanterns, Napkins, Cups & Paper Plates :: Polka Dot Market
Flowers :: Zuzu’s Petals (Mesa)
Hair Accessories :: Dolce Vita Mia (Gilbert)
Tutus :: Tiny Belles Boutique
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Minnie for the little miss?


Custom Labels ideas minnie-19

Who doesn’t love Minnie Mouse?!

This party, found over at Karas Party Ideas, pulls together the simplicity of polka dots and black ears. Can it get any cuter? We didn’t think so either until we saw some of the super adorable treats!

Custom Labels ideas minnie minnie-29 Custom Labels ideas minnie

Upside down cake pops with ears, daisy flower pot treats, and polka dot cookies in classic minnie colours!  I wouldn’t want to eat anything at this party, to cute. These treats are super easy to make and can be made in pink and white instead of red if your little miss likes pink Minnie more. We are all about flexibility.

minnie-28 Custom Labels ideas minnie Custom Labels ideas minnie

This party also had some neat, super easy, DIY favours! How about the cute boxes that you could put anything on it. Or the custom made pencil holders that roll up, couple stitches and you are on you way to making your own favours. I love the idea of down sizing the chocolate bar size and using our Mickey Mouse Nugget Labels! Bite size and perfect!

minnie-27 minnie-211 Custom Labels ideas minnie

Look at all these additional decorations that were thought of! The bush, the candy shoes, and more. You cannot go wrong with Disney and even more so if it is Minnie or Mickey Mouse (easy way to make it a boys party). I know as an adult I would still love this party!

Have you used our custom labels at one of your parties? Let us see how! Send us pictures for a chance to be featured on the blog! 

Vintage is Current…



When your big day comes there are many events that go along side with it… like a Bridal Shower! Well most of the time you have little say in the event, as you are busy planning the big day, you girls know you best let them take some control.

Just a tip: Your shower should almost be a prelude to your big day. It could have similarities in decor or color scheme, but this will help guess gauge what to expect (formal, casual, theme, colors not to wear…).

And since Vintage is so current right now we found this great Vintage peach and mint theme over at The Wedding Chicks

wedding custom labels custom labels

This event may look a little over the top, but it was actually held in the back yard of the mother-of-the-grooms house, and the table settings are plastic from the dollar store! No need to go all out if it still can look this good.

wedding custom labels

Guests were welcome to bring gifts, and so one of the bridesmaids didn’t have to run to an from the gift table ever time someone showed up, it was clearly labeled with a cute frame and sign (maybe it was even used at the wedding down the round! Upcycle!)

wedding custom labels

Not only was there a place special for gifts, there was a place special for unwrapping them! How cute, and I just adore the chair! (Notice the wedding date hanging behind it? Just a nice cute reminder!)

2013-09-13_209 wedding custom labels

To me it looks like it was buffet style, food that is easy to pick up and easy to eat (bonus if it is easy to plate, and easy to make!!).

On top of the food there was a Mimosa Bar! The bride said this was almost her favourite thing of the event, and it was a social hot spot. Picture our wedding wine labels there, telling you the flavours, and maybe what it was infused with (Mimosas not your thing? How about lemonade in the summer, or a hot chocolate bar in the winter)?

These Mason Jar Wine Labels keep the vintage feel alive.

wedding custom labels

We just love this theme, and hope you do too!

Congrats on your big day! We would love to see how you use our labels at your events, send us photos!

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Holly Jolly Holiday Kids Party



Well we posted a Holiday party that wasn’t your traditional colors, of red and green, so we thought we would give you one of those as well!

Here is a super cute ‘Chilly Penguin Party’ that we just love from Frog Prince Paperie. Her daughter wanted this party and we can see why! HOW CUTE!


Everything at this party, from the cupcake fondant topers to the giant penguin was in theme! And to keep up with the spirt the party snacks were just as cute..




Dont we all wish we had this kind of food creativity? I know I do! The Snow Crunch looks fantastic. Even better, the original post states that almost all of the dishes were from a thrift store or Walmart (and then spray painted of corse), but what a great upcycle!



They also used some great, and totally reusable decor! Christmas ornaments as place card holders, and party hats as trees! This party only gets cuter as it goes… each little girl who attended got an apron to wear while make their very own gingerbread house!


Cute plates with candies on there were placed around the table when it was time to decorate their houses.


I also love one of the tutorials that came along with this post, the paper ornaments tutorial! It could be used for any and all holidays, events, and so forth.

For this party I would recommend using our Red Frame Beer Labels, you wouldn’t be putting them on beer of course, but they are super customizable for each theme (with adding in your own photos)! Even as name tags, or food custom labels they would look great!

Make sure if you are hosting a party, and using our product line, to send us photos afterwards! We would love to see them, and possibly create a post about your super cute party.


Photography and Styling | Paula Biggs at Frog Prince Paperie

Paperie | Renee Adler for Frog Prince Paperie

Fondant Cupcake Toppers | Edible Details 

Sugar Cookies |  Bees Knees Creative

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