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Guide to Hosting The Perfect Gender Neutral Baby Shower


Your best friend calls you to announce that she’s pregnant. You excitedly congratulate her and tell her what a great mother she’ll be. Then she delivers the news: she doesn’t want to find out the baby’s gender until the little one is born. You immediately think of the baby shower you’re going to be throwing in a few months. How will you plan the shower of the year without knowing the gender?

Today, it is not uncommon to find yourself faced with planning a gender-neutral baby shower. Some parents want the thrilling surprise of finding out the gender at birth. Other parents might instead want the fun of a gender-reveal party. Others still might be expecting both a boy and a girl. Twins! And some parents might just want to get away from the gender-focus and instead have a party that’s perfect for a baby boy or girl.

Planning a gender-neutral party doesn’t have to mean cramping your creative style and it certainly does not have to be boring. There are plenty of great ways to make your baby shower the event that’s talked about for years. Here are a few ideas to help you start brainstorming:

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12 Baby Shower Games That Won’t Make You Cringe


Nothing elicits a groan quite like a baby shower invitation. The excitement of celebrating a new baby is worth showing up for. But we all know how awful those old standby baby shower games can be. The cringe-worthy mashed candy bar in a diaper game steers you away from your favorite Snickers bar for a week. So when it comes to throwing a classy baby shower, selecting the right games is crucial.

Thankfully, you don’t have to rush out to buy candy bars and diapers. (Unless you plan to keep them separate, that is.) There are plenty of fun games out there that will have your party attendees talking for weeks after. Here are a few selections to inspire your party planning.

Baby Shower Games

1. Ice Cube Baby

Set up: Before the shower, purchase those little plastic babies you can find at party stores. Then freeze them in an ice cube tray. As you hand out drinks for your guests, put one ice cube in each drink.

How to play: As guests are mingling and sharing excitement about the new baby, they may not be staring at their melting ice cube. The first person to notice that theirs has melted calls out “My water broke!” This game can get pretty silly, especially if it’s a guys and gals type of baby shower.



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Winter Elephant Themed Baby Shower



For all the babies that are due date around Christmas, we’ve got an adorable nursery theme for you which includes lots of winter-, elephant-, and Christmas themed party details. Colors that seem to work wonderfully together are light blue and grey. Add some red ornaments or cake pop sticks to make an effective contrast and you’ve got yourself the perfect holiday baby shower. This party can be organized only for moms and moms-to-be, but it would be such a pity to throw a heartwarming shower without inviting guys. That’s why we think you should go for a coed shower and start sending invitations to your dearest ones right away (surely you know how holiday season can be busy). Here are several details you could include in this winter elephant themed baby shower.


We love jolly meals! So yes, lots of red, please! Check out the super sweet paper elephants spread around the table. It’s so adorable and precious. Red napkins create just about right contrast to the grey palette. And of course, the food . . . Colorful refreshing cheese and veggies salads are a great way not only to enjoy the meal but also the sight. So be sure to use many marry colors and fun holiday dishes.


Now here are the real treats. This dessert buffet will accent the theme even more. To add a holiday feel to it, just prepare as many seasonal goodies as you can. There’d better be a lot of flavors like gingerbread spice, pumpkin, caramel, cinnamon, and berries. Cake pops, cupcakes, cakes, and pies-big YES! Are you afraid you might not be able to match the treats to the theme? We’ve got your back! With our cupcake toppers and baby month stickers you can practically dress up each and every delicious treat. Your entire setting could wow your guests if you used labels and party printables.


As for beverages, we love the idea of guests preparing and mixing their own drinks. They just need to follow the instructions and show some skills. Though after a while they might be tired of having to do all that by themselves, so keep several bottles of custom wine stored just in case.

Remember to enjoy every second of your baby shower party and keep the guests occupied with fun games and activities.


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The Little Umbrella


Chevron Baby Shower



It’s a new day and every day is good for party planning, especially if you’re hosting a baby shower. Whether a mom-to-be is expecting a baby boy or a girl (or both), there isn’t better neutral theme than chevron baby shower. Obviously, right? Soft pink and aqua blue will set the perfect setting for a welcome baby party and with a few custom labels and printables, your party is set to be a total hit! Here’s how . . .

Little Pumpkin Party



Whether you’re welcoming a new baby into your family or you’re excited about celebrating your little one’s first birthday, celebrating around holiday season can be so fun! With Halloween around the corner, we think that it might just be the perfect theme for your birthday/baby shower party. So why are we so excited about this particular theme? Two words: little pumpkins! The cutest party props are so hard to find year round, so use this season’s goodies to throw the best little pumpkin party ever! Get creative with different shapes and colors. Yes, we’re mad about the pumpkin orange, but we also think soft peppermint and mint green look amazing combined with different orange and yellow shades. Plus, it’s so easy to combine it all. If your cupcakes are orange, just dress them up with mint green toppers. If your drink labels are orange, spice them up with mint green straws. Piece of cake!

Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower



Begin at the beginning and go until you come to the end. Then stop. Yes, we’re all a bit mad here! But it’s perfectly fine because we’re in the Wonderland. Oh my, just think of all the little details you might include into your party, especially if you’re hosting an Alice in Wonderland baby shower. This is the kind of party which can be held both indoors and outdoors (what a relief!). All you need to do is to make it as colorful and as cheerful as the welcoming of a new baby can be! Yay! Colorful tea cups, cute silver fork and knives, pink tablecloths with white flowers as centerpieces will do great. You can print out the favorite quotes of the mom-to-be and frame them. Place them around the tables and watch as they bring smiles to other people’s faces.