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Chevron Baby Shower



It’s a new day and every day is good for party planning, especially if you’re hosting a baby shower. Whether a mom-to-be is expecting a baby boy or a girl (or both), there isn’t better neutral theme than chevron baby shower. Obviously, right? Soft pink and aqua blue will set the perfect setting for a welcome baby party and with a few custom labels and printables, your party is set to be a total hit! Here’s how . . .

Little Pumpkin Party



Whether you’re welcoming a new baby into your family or you’re excited about celebrating your little one’s first birthday, celebrating around holiday season can be so fun! With Halloween around the corner, we think that it might just be the perfect theme for your birthday/baby shower party. So why are we so excited about this particular theme? Two words: little pumpkins! The cutest party props are so hard to find year round, so use this season’s goodies to throw the best little pumpkin party ever! Get creative with different shapes and colors. Yes, we’re mad about the pumpkin orange, but we also think soft peppermint and mint green look amazing combined with different orange and yellow shades. Plus, it’s so easy to combine it all. If your cupcakes are orange, just dress them up with mint green toppers. If your drink labels are orange, spice them up with mint green straws. Piece of cake!

Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower



Begin at the beginning and go until you come to the end. Then stop. Yes, we’re all a bit mad here! But it’s perfectly fine because we’re in the Wonderland. Oh my, just think of all the little details you might include into your party, especially if you’re hosting an Alice in Wonderland baby shower. This is the kind of party which can be held both indoors and outdoors (what a relief!). All you need to do is to make it as colorful and as cheerful as the welcoming of a new baby can be! Yay! Colorful tea cups, cute silver fork and knives, pink tablecloths with white flowers as centerpieces will do great. You can print out the favorite quotes of the mom-to-be and frame them. Place them around the tables and watch as they bring smiles to other people’s faces.

Pink Birdies Baby Shower



Showers are fun! But they can sometimes be exhausting as it can get difficult to make everything special and memorable for the guest of honor (that is mom-to-be). So close friends and family need to find a perfect theme that matches the character of the little one’s mommy. If she is as delicate as the loveliest flower in the world and always craves for romance and softness, then this pink birdies baby shower is perfect for her! Every detail needs to be stunning as every detail counts. You’re going to need a real palette of soft pinks for that and several bird figures. You can use silky fabric as tablecloth and create a birdie nest by using simple details like wooden frames, bird cages, or paper pennants to hang on the wall. Add some delicate white and pink flowers. You can use jars as holders, just wrap them up nicely in soft cellophane or paper. If you still need that one thing to make it all even more romantic and soft, add a few personalized pink candles. It will create a more pleasant setting.

Sunshine Baby Shower



Let the sun shine for a couple of more weeks before it all ends and it starts to rain. Celebrate your special moments in summer style and throw the best sunshine baby shower with lots of laugh and positive thinking for the baby-to-come and mommy-to-be. Yay! Want to know how? Well, in just a several simple steps and couple of creative ideas of your own.

Double Baby Shower Ideas



If you’re welcoming twins to your family (a boy and a girl) or you’re in charge of planning a baby shower for two best friends, then you need lots of cute and chic double baby shower ideas, right? No worries, there’s lots of space for incorporating blues and pinks at the same time and coming up with the right theme, e.g. Welcoming Baby Angels!