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Customized Christening Cards: Style & Design Tips


A christening is a momentous day in a young child’s life, and in the lives of his or her entire family. This new chapter in life brings friends and family together to welcome the child into God’s family.

Creating the perfect Christening card is important, as this is sure to be a day the family will remember forever. Below are our top tips for making a Christening invitation the perfect introduction to an unforgettable celebration.

TIP #1: Proper Notification

It is a good idea to send out Christening invitations at least three to four weeks in advance to ensure the best turnout. If you are opting to have the Christening near a holiday or you have a lot of out-of-town guests, give even more of a heads-up by sending out the invitations five or six weeks in advance.

TIP #2: Format

The format of a Christening invitation is not much different from any other type of invitation. You will want to be sure to include a header, which is oftentimes a bible verse relevant to the occasion. Also on the invitation should be the following:

  • Parent’s names
  • Baby’s first and middle name
  • Date of Christening
  • Time and location of Christening
  • Reception date, time and location (if applicable)
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Girl’s Baptism Party



Congrats on your little princess baby girl! Welcoming her into this world must be joyful for all of you. And now it’s time to welcome her into your faith, as well. Planning a modest and respecting girl’s baptism party can be a real joy, if you allow yourself to be creative and personalize small, but very important details of this big event. Such a big ceremony deserves a themed reception, so choose wisely and pick a theme that says a lot about your little girl, but also matches to her new name and the spirit of Christianity. You can host the party in a church or at a different location after the ceremony. Just make sure to state that clearly on the invitations you plan to send out. All that can be overwhelming (we know!). That is why we’ll make it easy on you with these special baby girl’s labels that will add a nice touch to the entire event and make it even more special.