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Nautical Themed Bridal Shower


nautical bridal shower decoration Do you have a bride who loves the beach more than ballrooms? Whether she’s planning an oceanfront ceremony or just loves her beach days, a nautical themed bridal shower might just be for her! Let’s take a look at some wonderful ideas to put some sun into the bride-to-be’s special with these great nautical theme and decoration ideas!

Gold FIsh Snack Bar

goldfish snack for nautical bridal showers This idea is too cute not to share. Did you know they make those delicious goldfish snacks from our childhoods in some decidedly gourmet flavors these days? From parmesan to dark chocolate, the goldfish are a changin’. Set up an adorable little gold fish sampling bar as in the photo. Yummy!

Make Your Own Flavor Water Bar

flavor water bar for ocean themed bridal showers Whether your bar choices will be alcoholic or non, making your own flavor water bar is a fun and easy way to tie together the whole nautical theme for guests. Put out different “flavors” such as lemons, cherries, limes and oranges – you can even experiment with some different soda flavors (if you dare). If you want to get a bit fancy, go ahead and order custom water bottle labels!

Make Your Cupcakes Beach-y

beach-themed-cupcake Who says you’ve got to go overboard when it comes to a cake? Keep it simple and keep your sanity with these super cute cupcake toppers! These guys make it easy to jazz up cupcakes or cakes within seconds. A must-have for any busy party planner!

Keep it Classy with Nautical Flags

nautical-flag-decoration-bridal-shower If you’re looking for a fun and classy way to decorate your beachy shower, consider nautical signal flags. They bring to mind yachts, Martha’s Vineyard and weekends on Nantucket. You can make them yourself or buy packages! Cute, chic and a custom touch. Photo Credits: Sand Jar Table Centerpieces Goldfish Snack Idea Flavor Water Bar Idea Nautical Signal Flags

Construction Themed Birthday Party


birthday custom labelsIs your little guy a little would-be builder? Is he captain of the demolition crew in your home? If so, a construction themed birthday party might be just the thing to celebrate his big day. In planning this fun party, draw inspiration from home projects, road work and your local hardware stores! Go ahead: build an incredible birthday with these great ideas!


Construction Themed Food

birthday custom labelsIf you’re creating a snack table for your building birthday party, the fun starts here! There are lots of great ways to turn ordinary snacks into delicious construction themed goodies. Put out some oreo cookies and call them “tires”. Candy corn in a dish can be called “cones”. Oranges = “wrecking balls”. Fill one of your little guy’s trucks up with pretzel sticks and call them “logs”. Another great idea is to set up a sandwich bar for lunch with all of the toppings….then call it the “sandwich building zone”!


Construction Themed Cake

birthday custom labelsEven if you’re not the world’s best baker, you can still make an awesome theme cake right at home. Turn a simple chocolate cake into an edible “work-site”. How? Your secret weapon is crushed oreos! Crush up some oreos and sprinkle on top of your cake – for toppers, use little trucks. Now that’s a cake that’s ready to be demolished….

Construction Themed Drink Stationconstructionwaterbottles

A simple idea for a drinks station is to call it a “fueling” station. Kids will love stopping off to “refuel”. Keep the station filled with juice, punch and water bottles. To add some extra punch to the station, order custom water bottle labels to really bring home the construction birthday theme!

Construction Theme Location
birthday custom labels
An empty garage, a backyard or even your local hardware store (some stores also have party spaces, believe it or not) are all perfect locations for this demolition-themed party. The key idea here is to keep the little ones away from anything you don’t want broken!



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Wow Your Guests with Custom Water Bottle Labels


Decorating a party can be fun, but sometimes using the same old accessories can make the process a bit mundane. Instead of going to the dollar store, you should try something new at your next party. When you set up your beverage table, plan to have plenty of water, with custom water bottle labels. This will not only show your guests that you took a lot of time and effort into planning for the party, but it can give your event a more personal feel. Here are a few things you should consider when doing this.

Type of Event

Depending on the type of party that you’re having, there are a plethora of labels to choose from. Make sure that the ones you do decide to finalize on are appropriate for the event. For instance, if you’re hosting a get together for an adult, you don’t want labels that are customized with balloons patterns. You want something that has a sleeker adult feel. Take the time to choose the appropriate design for the event, and you’ll enjoy the responses that you get from your guests.

Look and Feel of Other Decorations

You want your custom water bottle labels to go with the look and feel of the other decorations on the table. Because of this, you should try to purchase all of your accessories from either one place, or all at the same time. If you’re going to rely on friends to bring some items, make sure that they know exactly what colors your labels will be, so that you can keep everything is uniform as possible. Your custom labels will already be a hit, but they will really stand out if they are appropriately matched with the other accessories.

Water Bottle Temperature

You don’t want to have your water frozen, and then have them thaw out on the table with your labels. This will soil them and possibly ruin them before the guest’s even arrive. They sure that your water is room temperature and completely thawed out if you plan to put them in the freezer. This is a simple mishap that many people make when they add custom water bottle labels to the beverages. By taking these few simple steps, you can wow your guests with customized labels and make your party one to remember.

Share Your Brand with Custom Labels


Whether you own a small business, or a large corporation, brand recognition is important. It’s what helps customers and potential customers remember you for years to come. There are several ways to make your brand stand out from others, and custom labels are a fun way to accomplish this. You can personalize promotional items, or gifts for loyal customers. Here are a few products to start with.


You can create a custom label for bottled water. This can give your business a very professional look, and will give customers something to remember you by. If you’re not sure what size to purchase, try the smaller ones and use them during open house, or as small refreshments for client meetings. Custom labeled water bottles are inexpensive, but can do wonders to spread the word about your business.

Tote Bags

Some companies customize tote bags to use as gifts and promotional items. This is common with banks and large institutions, but smaller organizations have also jumped on the bandwagon. This may prove to be a bit more expensive than adding a custom label to bottled water, but it’s a great way to get your brand out to the general public. The more people begin to see your logo, the more they will remember you. If you don’t have the budget to order larger amounts, you can always start with a small batch and then refill those orders as you go. It’s better to have some tote bags on hand than none at all.

Mouse Pads

If your customers are primarily computer users, then a great way to keep your company on their mind is to customize mouse pads and pass them out. Make sure that you include the basics like your company email address and toll-free number if you have one, but you can also make it a bit more personal and add your tagline to the design.

Whether you use a custom label for bottled water, or a mouse pad or tote bag, getting your brand out is an important step in marketing your business. Find out what your customers like the most, and present them with items that are branded and ready for giveaways. You never know when one of those giveaways will result in a new loyal customer. Products that have custom labels and logos should always be on hand.