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Trade Show Booth Design Success!


Wedding Booth Vintage TypewriterWith our second Wedding MBA show now behind us, it’s time to share our trade show success!  I’m happy to report our booth came together perfectly, and we received plenty of great feedback.  But, in spite of the compliments, Vegas was not without hiccups, and unfortunately not without tragedy.

Before mentioning our triumphs, it needs to be noted that we were in Las Vegas during the deadliest mass shooting our nation has seen.  The following days were both saddening and heartwarming; watching both the news and the outpouring of love in Vegas.  The Knot and Wedding Wire, typically competitors, merged their two show events into one large party.  This gave the attendees that magical ‘one big happy family’ feeling.  Thank you to the Knot and Wedding Wire for merging the parties so quickly and completely and allowing us all to relax in a secure and fun environment.  I think all of Vegas needed a drink that night… but when doesn’t all of Vegas need a drink?

Our booth came together seamlessly, thanks to lots of planning.  We featured a gold, blush and cream color palette. Dripping in flowers, our booth was a stark contrast from last years more masculine colors and feel.  We created an inviting space that would be attractive and make our booth impossible to resist.  Now THAT’S trade show success!Wedding MBA booth 6130

In addition to welcoming colors, we boasted favors and giveaways to lure in the most resistant of show-goers.  Our favor options included: a hangover kit, candy and popcorn.  The popular hangover kit included an Emergen-C, Mint Lifesaver and Advil… all the essentials for surviving even the worst hangover.  The label says it all: Hangover Survival Kit; YOU’RE WELCOME.  Believe me, we received many thanks for giving this out the morning after the Knot and Wedding Wire party!  These make a great addition to any Wedding Welcome bag, or bachelor/bachelorette party favor.  Purchase the fun label here, the kraft bags here.  Finally, but the goodies inside from Amazon here: Advil, Lifesaver, Emergen-C.

Hangover Kit with Custom LabelsOther favors included a sweet Smartie and savory bag of microwave popcorn.  The popcorn was a simple microwave bag, purchased from the ever-trusty Costco, but you could use any brand.  We used the same Kraft bags that were utilized in our hangover kit to create an adorable brown paper package.  Then, all we had to do was tie it up with string!

Popcorn Party Favor with Custom Label

You can purchase Smarties in bulk from your local Party City.  Then, place it in this 3″ x 4″ self-sealing cellophane bag .  Next, add a small piece of chipboard and the perfect label, which can be purchased here, and you’ve got one SMART favor on your hands!Smartie Candy Favor with Custom Label

Our giveaways were our piece de resistance featuring 4 bottles of delicious and coveted BOOZE!  (Buy this CHEERS label here)  Here is one of our happy winners: a new friend from JC Room Blocks – a fantastic vendor that every bride needs!  If you are having a destination wedding, room blocks are par for the course, so give them a call!  You’ll be happy you did!

Custom Label Winner - trade show success

That’s officially a wrap on our trade show success folks!  See you next year at WED MBA 2018!

Prelude to a Trade Show


Anyone that has attended a trade show can attest they are a LOT of work.  If you haven’t attended one before, let me catch you up on how it goes.  Cross something off the to-do list, and then add two more items to the bottom!  Here at iCustomLabel and 9th Letter Press, we have been preparing for weeks to attend the 2017 Wedding MBA show.  Now it’s only days away and the list has been checked, the palette has been shipped and now the countdown is on!  Did I mention it’s in Las Vegas?   If Sin City is calling you, then it’s not too late to attend!  Can’t make it, or just can’t wait?  In addition to great giveaways and fun favors here are some teasers of what you can expect to see at our booth this year.  If luck be a lady, then we hope to see her at Booth #6130… and we hope you’re with her! Viva Las Vegas!Wedding MBA 2017

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Celebrate with 9th Letter Press


So Much To Celebrate CardThere is SO MUCH TO CELEBRATE today at iCustomLabel!  We have officially partnered with 9th Letter Press and will now be bringing you a premier line of stationery cards and products! 9th Letter Press designs feature the fun and whimsical workings of Isabel Ibanez Davis who will continue to be the lead designer, offering you the style of cards you have come to know and love.

Here is a little taste of what you can look forward to:

Adorable Art PrintsRough Storms Art PrintA Celebration of Baby

Bun in the Oven Card

Birthday Cards

Shake a Tail Feather Card

Thank You Cards

Everyday Cards


Anniversary and Wedding Cards

Confetti Courier – A once a month subscription box with five seasonal greeting cards sent right to your front door!

And of course, custom wedding invitations!

custom letter press wedding invitations

So stay tuned for updates and new designs as we relaunch our trusted brands!  We can’t wait to bring you new and fresh designs in the second half of the year!


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Oh So Fancy! Dress up that Bubbly!


You don’t need an excuse to drink champagne, but no celebration is complete without a bit of bubbly!  Once you hear the cork pop, the party has officially started!  But sometimes a plain bottle of bubbles isn’t quite enough.  Sometimes we need a little extra bling to match the mood.  Here are some fun and simple ways you can dress up a simple bottle of champagne, to make it as fancy as the guests at your event.

First we have a pretty in pink champagne.  These mini split bottles can be used as at the beverage bar or the favor table.  A lovely bow and this custom label give champagne all the personality it needs to stand apart from those other boring beverages.

Custom Mini Champagne Labels


Next, we ditched the bow tie and swapped it out for a simple glittery ribbon and cute paper straw.  This custom label fits the beauty bill, and the straw does all the dirty work- without messing up your lipstick!

Custom Champagne Favor LabelsCustom Champagne Label

If that last option didn’t have enough sparkle, then this is the fancy bottle for you!  A bit of glue and glitter will give all the shimmer and pop you need at your beverage bar.  You can use a foam brush and liquid glue if you want your custom label to show, or use spray adhesive to cover the entire base of the bottle quickly.  There is a fantastic tutorial here.  Another option is to paint your bottle first and then just add glitter to the neck and pair with a pretty label like the one seen here.  The image uses a wine bottle, but this could easily translate to a champagne bottle.


If all the glitter has you feeling too girly, here’s a fun fact to make it masculine: James Bond is a notable Champagne drinker, who has been spotted drinking Champagne more than 35 times in his films. At least he drinks it more than any other beverage!  So man up, buttercup and fill that champagne flute to the tippy top.

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Donut Mind if I Do


It’s here!  The holiday you’ve been waiting for: National Donut Day!  These round sweeties aren’t limited to breakfast anymore, in fact they’re the star of the show! So we’re celebrating our love of donuts with our favorite ways to package them for your guests.  The key to a beautifully packaged sweet is making sure your eyes are as happy as your taste buds.  That means simple wrapping, a ribbon and a custom label will be all you need to get the job done!

First up, we have this adorable DIY donut box.  Made from a fairly simple template like the one found here.  This box takes a bit of time,  but makes up for it with impact.  Add a custom label, like this one, and you have a perfectly precious party favor!

DIY donut box favor

DIY donut favor with label

In this next favor, we used a similar donut label, but drastically simplified the packaging.  A basic glassine pastry bag isn’t only easy on your DIY skills, it’s also easy on the wallet.  At about $2 for 25 bags (find them here for  your next event) the price is hard to beat!

Glassine Bag Donut Favor

If you want to make it even easier, you can purchase these party sacks here in the same purchase as your favor labels.  Add a little shredded filler, bakers twine and this hang tag (more colors available in store) for your label and a few donuts on top and you’re good to go!

Favor bag of mini donuts

In this set-up we swapped the circle label and bag for a milk jar wrapped in a water bottle label (which fits perfectly!) and simple straw flag.  This is my kind of grab-and-go snack!  Find these water labels here to complete your next sweets festivity.  Don’t forget the paper straws!Milk and Donut Favor

If you don’t want your beautiful sweets hiding in a bag or box, this is a great option: a cellophane bag with a ribbon and pretty label.

Lastly, you happen to run out of donuts all together, this unique favor will send your guests away ready to sprinkle their next sweet endeavor with fun.

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Personalized Bridal Shower Themes That The Bride Will Love


Wedding season is right around the corner which means bridal party season is in full swing right now! If you feel like you’ve sat through one too many afternoons of tea, finger sandwiches, and yawn-inducing games, get started planning your bride-to-be’s shower with these fun themes in mind.

Coed BBQ

Couples are moving away from women-only bridal showers and including the groom, too. Why not host or plan a coed backyard barbecue? Send out BBQ-themed invitations to your guests to get them excited and show your bride bestie that you’re throwing her and her future husband a killer party! Let the men focus on grilling while the women sip cocktails and talk final wedding details. Give your guests a jar of spice rub to take home as a party favor! And don’t forget the s’more station!



Host a classy Parisian party for your bride to be and she’ll be feeling oh so fancy! And don’t worry, if you can’t find the means to give out puppies as party favors or an 8 foot chocolate fountain guests will still enjoy macarons, red wine with custom labels for your bride, a cheese platter, and a French manicure station!

Grown Up Disney Princess

Is it just us or has the comeback of Beauty and the Beast got you feeling all sorts of Disney nostalgia, too? Which got us thinking: who said Disney princess parties need to be just for kids? Make your bride-to-be feel royal with a bridal party themed around all things Disney princess. Serve crown-topped Cinderella cupcakes, invite a makeup artist to do Ariel-inspired makeup, and sip Belle of the Ball mudslides (banana liqueur with chocolate milk!).


 Remember the 90s

Speaking of the 90s…if your bride grew up during this decade, she’ll love a flashback theme to enjoy spiked cherry colas, a Polaroid photo booth, and playing Twister while listening to Ace of Base.

Source: Flickr: martinaphotography / Via Creative Commons

Arts and Crafts

Hosting an arts and crafts party can help calm your bride’s nerves amongst last minute planning, but also help with DIY wedding decor! Source the materials she needs for homemade party favors, centerpieces, or other decor and turn the bridal shower into a crafting night!

If your bride isn’t doing any DIY wedding decor, she’ll love a wine and paint night to blow off some steam and paint away her stress. These events are hosted all over so search for an event near you.


Rose Gold

Is there anything more feminine yet glam than rose gold? Your bride will be feeling beautiful and special surrounded by all things rose gold: Rosé champagne with custom tags, moscow mules, and Ferrero Rochers.


Donut Tasting

Move over wedding cake tasting–enter donut tasting. Boutique donut shops have been popping up all over the place and create the perfect opportunity for your bride-to-be to sample some yummy donuts and take some fun picture for Instagram. Scope out some bakeries and donut shops and hit them up as soon as they open to get the freshest drool-worthy donuts you can find.


donut birthday invitations



Host a wanderlust bridal shower for the travel-loving bride-to-be. If a getaway isn’t feasible for your group, no problem! Incorporate wanderlust decor like vintage suitcases, maps, paper airplanes, and fun geography game (turned into a drinking game, of course!).

Las Vegas

Vegas is a popular destination for bachelorette parties but if it’s not in the cards for your bride, it can be a fun theme for the bridal shower. Get dressed up, set up mini poker tables, and serve black and red snacks. We’re thinking black and red licorice and black forest cake.


Hawaiian Luau

Whether your bride-to-be has ever traveled to Hawaii or not, it’s a crowd pleasing theme she just can’t say no to. Grab your grass skirt, pina colada recipe, and pass the time with a hula competition! Check out these super cute customizable luau invitations!



Slumber Party

Throw your bestie a good old fashioned slumber party complete with sleeping bags, popcorn, movies, face masks, nail polish, and Dream Phone.


Feeling really ambitious? Turn your slumber party into a camp out! Borrow some ideas from this campfire birthday party theme to help your bride-to-be get away from it all and forget about wedding planning for a night. Don’t forget the s’mores!

Whichever party theme you choose, your bride will love it! Just be sure to add some additional customized elements to make her really feel special.

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