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Personalized Bridal Shower Themes That The Bride Will Love


Wedding season is right around the corner which means bridal party season is in full swing right now! If you feel like you’ve sat through one too many afternoons of tea, finger sandwiches, and yawn-inducing games, get started planning your bride-to-be’s shower with these fun themes in mind.

Coed BBQ

Couples are moving away from women-only bridal showers and including the groom, too. Why not host or plan a coed backyard barbecue? Send out BBQ-themed invitations to your guests to get them excited and show your bride bestie that you’re throwing her and her future husband a killer party! Let the men focus on grilling while the women sip cocktails and talk final wedding details. Give your guests a jar of spice rub to take home as a party favor! And don’t forget the s’more station!



Host a classy Parisian party for your bride to be and she’ll be feeling oh so fancy! And don’t worry, if you can’t find the means to give out puppies as party favors or an 8 foot chocolate fountain guests will still enjoy macarons, red wine with custom labels for your bride, a cheese platter, and a French manicure station!

Grown Up Disney Princess

Is it just us or has the comeback of Beauty and the Beast got you feeling all sorts of Disney nostalgia, too? Which got us thinking: who said Disney princess parties need to be just for kids? Make your bride-to-be feel royal with a bridal party themed around all things Disney princess. Serve crown-topped Cinderella cupcakes, invite a makeup artist to do Ariel-inspired makeup, and sip Belle of the Ball mudslides (banana liqueur with chocolate milk!).


 Remember the 90s

Speaking of the 90s…if your bride grew up during this decade, she’ll love a flashback theme to enjoy spiked cherry colas, a Polaroid photo booth, and playing Twister while listening to Ace of Base.

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Arts and Crafts

Hosting an arts and crafts party can help calm your bride’s nerves amongst last minute planning, but also help with DIY wedding decor! Source the materials she needs for homemade party favors, centerpieces, or other decor and turn the bridal shower into a crafting night!

If your bride isn’t doing any DIY wedding decor, she’ll love a wine and paint night to blow off some steam and paint away her stress. These events are hosted all over so search for an event near you.


Rose Gold

Is there anything more feminine yet glam than rose gold? Your bride will be feeling beautiful and special surrounded by all things rose gold: Rosé champagne with custom tags, moscow mules, and Ferrero Rochers.


Donut Tasting

Move over wedding cake tasting–enter donut tasting. Boutique donut shops have been popping up all over the place and create the perfect opportunity for your bride-to-be to sample some yummy donuts and take some fun picture for Instagram. Scope out some bakeries and donut shops and hit them up as soon as they open to get the freshest drool-worthy donuts you can find.


donut birthday invitations



Host a wanderlust bridal shower for the travel-loving bride-to-be. If a getaway isn’t feasible for your group, no problem! Incorporate wanderlust decor like vintage suitcases, maps, paper airplanes, and fun geography game (turned into a drinking game, of course!).

Las Vegas

Vegas is a popular destination for bachelorette parties but if it’s not in the cards for your bride, it can be a fun theme for the bridal shower. Get dressed up, set up mini poker tables, and serve black and red snacks. We’re thinking black and red licorice and black forest cake.


Hawaiian Luau

Whether your bride-to-be has ever traveled to Hawaii or not, it’s a crowd pleasing theme she just can’t say no to. Grab your grass skirt, pina colada recipe, and pass the time with a hula competition! Check out these super cute customizable luau invitations!



Slumber Party

Throw your bestie a good old fashioned slumber party complete with sleeping bags, popcorn, movies, face masks, nail polish, and Dream Phone.


Feeling really ambitious? Turn your slumber party into a camp out! Borrow some ideas from this campfire birthday party theme to help your bride-to-be get away from it all and forget about wedding planning for a night. Don’t forget the s’mores!

Whichever party theme you choose, your bride will love it! Just be sure to add some additional customized elements to make her really feel special.

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Parisian Girls’ Night



Bachelorette party, bridal shower or your best girl’s birthday coming up? Need a theme for your party? Feel like it’s finally time for the girls to rock the world? Great! We’ve got an awesome theme for you: Parisian girls’ night! Inspired by the famous girly movie “Bridesmaids”, this party will make you feel as if you were a leading role and it’ll take you straight to Paris. Whether you decide to make this party a fun ladies night in or a “Bridesmaids” movie viewing, make sure to incorporate some of the fun ideas you can see below!

Bridal Shower Gift



It’s wedding season and you’re probably invited to a wedding or two of your close friends or family. That means you need to bring a gift to their bridal shower or wedding ceremony. Coming up with the perfect bridal shower gift can be time-consuming and really exhausting. But not anymore! Watch out ’cause we’ve got the best bridal/wedding present that your newlyweds will simply adore- a wine basket with poems!

Neon Bridal Shower


anders-ruff-neon-bridal-shower-party8Neon is back! That’s right. The palette of the most beautiful glowy colors will open up so much options for your bridal shower. Neon colors are great because they complement every neutral tone base. So you can have your base color either black or white like in the photo above. There are tons of neon bachelorette and bridal shower party favors out in stores, but there’s lots of room for DIY elements, as well. You can make sparkling lanterns, tie neon ribbons around cups and glasses, color knives and forks, decorate chairs or tablecloths with neon spots, and many more! To add some more to the setting, hang around some balloons or neon tassels and confetti. That way you will create the perfect setting for photo shooting (after all, if not captured-it would be lost).

Candy Themed Bridal Shower



Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like candy? Of course not! Well, you’re going to adore these candy themed bridal shower ideas that we found on MS Weddings. If you have been chosen to throw a bridal shower and know that the bride-to-be adores both pink and candies, then hold on because you’re about to enter the biggest candy shop ever. A little warning though-you can’t mention any of the words related to weight or calories at the party. This one is a stress- and weight-free event.

Keep Calm & Party On Theme Party


keep-calm-celebrate-onIf you’re throwing a party for an adult, you may be searching for a fun theme that doesn’t scream out “Wow: you’re old now” or “age inappropriate”. It can be hard to find something in the middle but we’ve got good news – so keep calm and plan on. We love the idea of a “keep calm” (the popular internet saying adopted from Britain) themed party. We found some festive ideas for celebrating the calmness – and it can be adapted for any type of event (from a bridal shower to a 50th birthday). Let’s take a look at our top finds!