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A Guide to Nailing Your Wedding Wine Label Design


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Choosing the right gifts for your wedding guests is essential for creating lasting memories of your special day. A wedding wine is an ideal way to remind your family and friends years later of the fantastic time they had at your wedding! A generic bottle with its original label is a nice gesture — but a personalized bottle with a custom label makes the gift a thoughtful, special, and meaningful memento.

Custom wine bottles are not just unique and creative gifts; they are cost-effective, too. You’ll save money by ordering just the wine labels for your bottles than specially labeled bottles direct from a winery. It is significantly less expensive to ship wine labels, too, than it is to purchase and ship custom labeled wine bottles. Buy the bottles separately at a local retailer and label yourself for more control, creativity, and savings.

So, where do you even start when choosing and designing your wedding wine label? We’re here to help!

Custom Sports Drink Labels


Every big sports event deserves a party to honor it, right? And there’s got to be lots of great food and drinks, too. Well, we say, make your drinks stand out! How? Easy! Three words for you: customized drink tags! Having beer at your party? Tag it! Want to enjoy some wine? Tag it! Need some water there? Tag it! Custom tags are so fun, especially when you want to come up with a fun way to mark a special sports social event with your friends. Football, basketball, golf, or tennis-we’ve got it all covered. Here are just a few examples how you can make your drink station kick off!

Dumped? Men Suck, Drink Wine Party


wine-label-custom partyWe all start our relationships with the best of intentions – unfortunately, what can be the start of something beautiful can end rather poorly. Sometimes, relationships end really poorly. Sometimes, the only remedy is – wine (and lots of it). If you got dumped, or one of your girlfriends got dumped, it might be time to pop the cork and dish out some good-old fashioned ‘happy’ juice (yes – alcohol…). Few things are more important than showing your friend you care and displaying your solidarity when the going gets tough. Because we believe in the power of friendship and good spirits, here are some ideas for creating a Men Suck, Drink Wine Party to remember…  (p.s: we suggest setting this ground rule – no drunk dialing)…

Fun Minecraft Kids Birthday Party Ideas


themed minecraft party
CLICK HERE to check out our Minecraft Labels

Ah, Minecraft and parties. Are they a match made in heaven? Yeah – we think absolutely. Why – well, for one, minecraft is all about breaking blocks – and aren’t parties all about pretty much the same thing? Moms and Dads would agree, anyway. Minecraft is huge right now, and everyone wants their very own, custom themed Minecraft party. At iCustom Label, we stay ahead of the trends to bring you the very best in party innovations. You’re going to love the fun Minecraft Party ideas we put together for you – so that you, and your little ones, can play on!

It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s a Stork-themed Baby Shower!


stork-themed-showerAre you in charge of planning your favorite lady’s special day? If your best friend, sister, daughter or boss has a baby on the way, you know that her baby shower is a day she’ll cherish for the rest of her life. When it comes to planning a baby shower, the details count. We love the idea of a stork themed baby shower because it’s a. cute, b. hip and c. gender-neutral. We did some serious web sleuthing and found some of the most eye-catching stork ideas out there for you: check out what we found for you!

Paris Themed Wedding


french theme wedding ideas

Paris is a city full of romance – from the Eiffel Tower to the Champs Elyse – it has long been heralded as a city for lovers. If you’ve fallen in love with Paris (as well as your fiance), a Parisian themed wedding might just be for you. In planning a Parisian wedding, the name of the game here is gourmet. Gourmet cheeses, breads, chocolates, wines and pastries. Keep decorations simple and classy. Let’s take a look at some outstanding ideas for your nuptials…with a french twist!

A Fancy (and Very French) Wedding Cake Alternative

wedding cake idea for paris theme wedding reception
Let’s face it…Creme Brulee’ is a total delicacy that most of us only get to taste a few times in our life. For a cost that would be fairly similar to an expensive wedding cake, you can sneak some real sophistication into your reception with delicious creme brulee’. Maple, vanilla bean, orange…the options are endless. Ask your caterer about the possibilities!

DIY Wedding Reception Favor Idea

theme wedding favor idea paris If you’re the crafty type, you might want to make this super cute DIY “memories of Paris” snowglobe for your guests to take home as a memory of your special day. It looks like this kind of favor would be relatively simple to pull off – and you can find directions for similar projects here! Happy crafting !

Custom French Themed Wine Bottle Labels

Since we love custom labels, of course we’ve got to show off our awesome custom French themed wedding label. We have a selection but this one is super cute. Order up some of these to add a sense of Europe to your bar selection! Three words for you: Ooh La La!

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