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11 Housewarming Party Gifts That Will Make You The Favorite Guest


Have you ever wondered what the term ‘housewarming’ really means? Before there was central heating, guests would bring firewood as a gift to their friend’s new home. Unless you’re attending an early 20th century themed party, your hosts may not see the connection (but feel free to wow your friends with this story around the dinner table!). So if you’re looking to give a thoughtful present, pick one (or a few!) of these standout gift ideas and you’ll be sure to score yourself an invite back:

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Housewarming Party Ideas


de0b411549bb6310_modern-girl-baby-shower-ideas-7.jpg.xxxlargeYou survived the stress of moving to a new place and you can finally say that most of the pressure is gone. Now it’s time to celebrate and show off. Want to throw a housewarming party but you’re afraid because you haven’t finished unpacking? That’s not a problem at all. We’ve all been there. No one will care if there are few boxes here and there. Everybody will be curious to see your new home and what it looks like. And a party will be a great way to meet new neighbors and show off your new place to your family and friends. Here are several ideas that will personalize your party and definitely make you feel at home.