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Purple Birthday Bash



Purple is a girly girl color, right? Every little princess adores purple shades so if you have one with a birthday coming up, you might consider throwing a real purple birthday bash with a couple of guidelines from us. This party is easy to plan and it’ll keep you on the budget. The most important thing is to be creative and think like a princess. To set up the venue, you’ll need a big table with white or/and purple tablecloth. Perhaps it would be best to go with the white one as it’ll open up the space, and then just add purple elements to keep up with the theme. Purple napkins, balloons, paper butterflies, and a huge “Happy birthday” banner will all create the perfect setting. You can purchase purple or violet cups and plates and have all the guests dress in the same color. Can’t get enough of purple!

Little Pumpkin Party



Whether you’re welcoming a new baby into your family or you’re excited about celebrating your little one’s first birthday, celebrating around holiday season can be so fun! With Halloween around the corner, we think that it might just be the perfect theme for your birthday/baby shower party. So why are we so excited about this particular theme? Two words: little pumpkins! The cutest party props are so hard to find year round, so use this season’s goodies to throw the best little pumpkin party ever! Get creative with different shapes and colors. Yes, we’re mad about the pumpkin orange, but we also think soft peppermint and mint green look amazing combined with different orange and yellow shades. Plus, it’s so easy to combine it all. If your cupcakes are orange, just dress them up with mint green toppers. If your drink labels are orange, spice them up with mint green straws. Piece of cake!

Lego Themed Birthday Party



Here we go again with the Lego themed birthday party, only this time we had a chance to make specially designed labels for Charlene’ son’s 5th birthday bash. The party itself was a huge success, especially because of the unique Chakoda Design party rentals which make every party a reality. Carefully selected and designed, these party rentals will help you get rid of all the stress mommies and daddies feel once it comes to party planning. Let your little one’s party be a stress-free, beautiful, and unforgettable experience. We were so thrilled to help and be a part of this special event. Now, without any further delay, here are some party highlights our iCustom team is proud of.

Fossil Hunter Birthday Bash



Is your kid obsessed with dinosaurs and fossils?  Want to throw him/her a real fossil hunter birthday bash with fossil digging and identifying? Hold your breath because we’re bringing you some awesome shots of Gretchen’s little guy birthday party. Here’s how she managed to create a fossil theme using creative ideas and DIY projects. Just take a look at the candy bar above. She served a Dino chocolate cake, fossilized shark teeth, dinosaur eggs, and rock cupcakes with dinosaur toppers. The combination of dark and white chocolate did its work and the kids could dig in these yummy treats looking for bones and skulls hidden under edible toppings.

Nautical Mickey Mouse Birthday Bash



Is your toddler a huge fan of Mickey Mouse and water-related stuff like boats? If yes, then it’s time you combine those two themes into a real celebration-a nautical Mickey Mouse birthday bash! For all the moms who love party planning, this should be a piece of cake. Finding party favors should be easy as you can find a bunch of nautical and Mickey Mouse party elements here at iCustomLabel.