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Time For Happy Hour? Cheer Up Gift Ideas


presents for friends who are sadAre you, or one of your loved ones, having a bad day, week, month, year – or yikes, even decade? We get that. Life sure isn’t easy – but sometimes, good friends, fun and delicious wine can turn a frown upside down (at least for a night). On that note, iCustom is proud of our totally adorable, totally cheerful ideas for a fun, or at least happier, way to make your special someone feel a bit less down in the dumps. Let’s take a look at some fantastic ways to spread some cheer regardless of what’s going on outside.

Customize Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner


elegant themed rehearsal dinner ideaAh, rehearsal dinners for weddings. A rite of passage, right? Whoever says rehearsal dinners need to be the same-old same-old have it all wrong. Brides get special showers, guys get bachelorette parties, sure – but the rehearsal dinner can be a time for the bride and groom to come together before their wedding and celebrate who they are as a couple. A few simple touches can really make your event pop – both that day and in memory. Let’s take a look at some great ideas.

Pick a Rehearsal Dinner Theme

creative rehearsal dinner themeYou don’t need to go crazy here – just pick a theme that will help tie your event together and make it a bit more personalized. Some folks love everything farm and tractor related – go ahead and honor it (even a few farm related photos in some frames will do the trick). For the couple who loves little more than putting around on the local greens, incorporate their love of golf into the night. For the couple who spends most of their their time at the theater, plan a night with a dramatic touch.

Pick a Rehearsal Dinner Menu

rehearsal dinner menu idea
When it comes to serving large groups of people fast, think speed and quantity over quality! Make as much food as possible ahead of time, don’t be afraid of the grill or even placing a tall order with the local pizza shop. Instead of offering table service, offer different food stations that will make it easy for your guests to get the food they want without the hassle (for everyone).

Make it Personal

custom rehearsal dinner favors
Find some creative ways to really personalize the decorations for this big day. It is, after all, the last day the bride and groom will spend before joining rings (and lives). Custom chocolates will be loved (and remembered) by everyone at the party – custom water bottle labels are always a fun conversation starter!

Gift Idea for Rehearsal Dinners

custom wine bottle for rehearsal dinner idea
Rehearsal Dinners are typically a time when brides and grooms thank their bridesmaids and groomsmen with custom gifts that show how much they appreciate all of the help they received in tying the wedding together. Personalized wine bottle labels can take an ordinary bottle of wine and make it shine! Regardless of your price range, you can make custom mini bottles or larger bottles easily so they sparkle.

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Elegant Rehearsal Dinner Idea
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Use Customized Wine Bottle Labels to Personalize Your Gifts


custom wine labelsSome gifts are more sentimental than others. People tend to remember the things that either bring back memories, or were personalized just for them. If you want to give your friend or loved one something that they can look back on and smile, personalized wine bottle labels would make a memorable gift.


Make Them on Your Computer

You can make custom labels on your computer with any software program. All you need is a vision and some basic computer skills. Try to find labels that coordinate with the occasion that you’re celebrating. There are special designs available for weddings, anniversaries, graduations and other achievements that people experience in life.


Use Them on Different Types of Gifts

customized wine labelsWine bottles aren’t the only items that you can adorn with customized wine bottle labels. Sparkling juice and water can also be customized for your special friend or loved one. You can even use these labels on small gift items. If you’re planning to attach the label to something besides a bottle, make sure that it’s on the area that would be preserved. You wouldn’t want to attach your labels to wrapping paper or other gift covering that will be thrown away. You want your friend or loved one to hold on to it for a while.


Make Fun Samples for Family and Friends

You may find that you enjoy making personalized wine bottle labels. You could easily create a portfolio of samples to share with your friends and family. You can give the actual labels away as gifts without attaching them to anything. This would be ideal if you create something with a person’s favorite saying or picture. You could also create labels with your friend’s initials. They can then decide to use them any way that they choose.

There are several ways to use personalized wine bottle labels as gifts. Whether you’re making them yourself, or purchasing them from a company that specializes in paper gifts, you can create a memorable event for your friends and loved ones. Take time to find labels that truly represent the celebration, and fits the individual’s personality. It may take some searching, but your goal is to make your gift stand out and be unique.

Create Easy Personalized Wedding Invitations


If you’re like most people, you want your wedding invitations to be beautiful. They should fully represent the style and character of the bride and groom, and make the recipient feel like they’re attending the event of the year. You can achieve this with custom wedding labels, and other high quality paper products. Here are a few ways to add the labels to your invitations to give them your own unique quality, without skimping out on the details.

Signature Labels

signatureIf you want to really personalize your wedding invitations, try adding a beautiful signature label at the bottom. This can be an exact replica of the bride and grooms signature on a beautiful labeled paper. You can use custom wedding labels for this, or you can actually print them out on your own software program. Just make sure that you place them at the bottom underneath a personalized statement that you add to the invitations. This will make the invitation itself feel more intimate.

Picture Labels

pictureAnother way to be unique with your wedding invitations is to add picture labels to them. This can be a fun picture of either the bride or groom, or a picture of the two of you together. This idea can be really helpful for sending invitations to friends and loved ones that you haven’t seen in a while, or to anyone that can appreciate something different. Make sure that the picture you choose is high quality and captures your character and personality.

Large Text Labels

large textDepending on the size of your invitation, you can actually purchase custom wedding labels to cover the entire piece. This is a unique way to personalize the invitations, and create them exactly the way you want them to look. You can choose from several different designs and backgrounds, and your font possibilities are virtually endless. If you plan to go this route, make sure that you get labels that are a few inches smaller than the invitation so that you have room for proper placement. You may need to practice placing them a few times in order to get the procedure absolutely perfect.

Using custom wedding labels with your wedding invitations is a great way to show your style and character. They are easy to design, and virtually inexpensive to order. If you plan to do this on your own, make sure that you use a software program that gives you a lot of options.