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Donut Mind if I Do


It’s here!  The holiday you’ve been waiting for: National Donut Day!  These round sweeties aren’t limited to breakfast anymore, in fact they’re the star of the show! So we’re celebrating our love of donuts with our favorite ways to package them for your guests.  The key to a beautifully packaged sweet is making sure your eyes are as happy as your taste buds.  That means simple wrapping, a ribbon and a custom label will be all you need to get the job done!

First up, we have this adorable DIY donut box.  Made from a fairly simple template like the one found here.  This box takes a bit of time,  but makes up for it with impact.  Add a custom label, like this one, and you have a perfectly precious party favor!

DIY donut box favor

DIY donut favor with label

In this next favor, we used a similar donut label, but drastically simplified the packaging.  A basic glassine pastry bag isn’t only easy on your DIY skills, it’s also easy on the wallet.  At about $2 for 25 bags (find them here for  your next event) the price is hard to beat!

Glassine Bag Donut Favor

If you want to make it even easier, you can purchase these party sacks here in the same purchase as your favor labels.  Add a little shredded filler, bakers twine and this hang tag (more colors available in store) for your label and a few donuts on top and you’re good to go!

Favor bag of mini donuts

In this set-up we swapped the circle label and bag for a milk jar wrapped in a water bottle label (which fits perfectly!) and simple straw flag.  This is my kind of grab-and-go snack!  Find these water labels here to complete your next sweets festivity.  Don’t forget the paper straws!Milk and Donut Favor

If you don’t want your beautiful sweets hiding in a bag or box, this is a great option: a cellophane bag with a ribbon and pretty label.

Lastly, you happen to run out of donuts all together, this unique favor will send your guests away ready to sprinkle their next sweet endeavor with fun.

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Fun Minecraft Kids Birthday Party Ideas


themed minecraft party
CLICK HERE to check out our Minecraft Labels

Ah, Minecraft and parties. Are they a match made in heaven? Yeah – we think absolutely. Why – well, for one, minecraft is all about breaking blocks – and aren’t parties all about pretty much the same thing? Moms and Dads would agree, anyway. Minecraft is huge right now, and everyone wants their very own, custom themed Minecraft party. At iCustom Label, we stay ahead of the trends to bring you the very best in party innovations. You’re going to love the fun Minecraft Party ideas we put together for you – so that you, and your little ones, can play on!

Saturday Morning Cartoons & Cereal Birthday Party


cartoon cereal birthday

What kid doesn’t love Saturday morning cartoons, cereal and pajamas? This is a new spin on both the breakfast party – and the sleepover. It’s totally adorable, affordable and easy to pull off. Plan it on a Friday night (so you have Sunday to clean up) or just have a non-sleepover party in which your guests head over the morning of. If you can bring out more than one T.V for the party (think: iPads, computer screens, etc – get creative) you’ll add to the festivity and fun of a party devoted to everyone’s favorite secret past time – relaxing in front of the set with a bowl of delicious cheerios (well, almost everyone’s…). If you’re anti TV – some of us are – switch out the tv cartoons for cartoon books and newspaper strips! Below are some more ideas to really make your Saturday Morning Cartoons & Cereal Birthday party a winner…

Keep Calm & Party On Theme Party


keep-calm-celebrate-onIf you’re throwing a party for an adult, you may be searching for a fun theme that doesn’t scream out “Wow: you’re old now” or “age inappropriate”. It can be hard to find something in the middle but we’ve got good news – so keep calm and plan on. We love the idea of a “keep calm” (the popular internet saying adopted from Britain) themed party. We found some festive ideas for celebrating the calmness – and it can be adapted for any type of event (from a bridal shower to a 50th birthday). Let’s take a look at our top finds!

3 Features to Add to Personalized Birthday Labels


Personalized labels Whether you’re giving the gift to an adult or child, personalized birthday labels can make receiving a present fun and exciting. You can add pretty much any message that you choose, and they’re available in several different sizes. While you may be tempted to add a traditional greeting to your custom labels, there are some unique ways to spice up the design.


Pictures and Other Graphics

Your personalized birthday labels can have all sorts of pictures and graphics to make it interesting. You can add a picture of the individual receiving the gift, or one of yourself. If you don’t have any interesting personal images to add, you can always find some fun graphics to play around with. Use these in any way that you choose to give your labels meaning and uniqueness.


Special Scripts

Custom labels Using decorative fonts on your labels can definitely go a long way in customizing them. There are scripts that are more formal, and others that have a more playful feel to them. Try to think about the person that you plan to give the gift to. Keep their personalities in mind when you choose a script. Also, be sure that the text fits in the label when you add your message. If you don’t check this before ordering, you could be in for an unhappy surprise.


Special Message

A personalized birthday label wouldn’t be personal without a custom message. Add a heartfelt message or funny quote that represents your relationship with that person. It could be a quote of something that you always say to them, or a special thought that the both of you share. This is the most important aspect of customized birthday labels, and the part that the recipient will remember the most. It’s almost like creating a special Hallmark card just for them.

It doesn’t take a lot of work to create a memorable, personal label for your friends and loved ones. By taking the time to do so, you show them that you care, and that you’ve got some design skills to show off. The more you play around with the possibilities, the more ideas you will come up with for other features to include. Customization, for the most part, is all about your imagination. Use these tips to start, and build an army of ideas to follow through with.