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Mother’s Day Brunch Party Ideas


custom mother's day ideasMother’s Day is almost here again – and today we’re putting the spotlight on the moms who do so much for us for so little recognition. Flowers, chocolates and cards are great – but sometimes moms deserve a little bit more. Or, maybe, you have a large family and lots of moms get together every year to spend the day together. Consider throwing a Mother’s Day Brunch Party to recognize the women who gave birth to you, your children, your cousins and your friends! We have some great ideas to help you get the ball rolling – with our customized twist (of course).

Happy Mother’s Day



Moms are the best! Right? Sadly, we don’t show them our love and appreciation often enough. So why not surprise them with a perfect gift on that very special day when we celebrate motherhood? Kitchen supplies? -NO! A cookbook? -I don’t think so! I mean, how happy do you think they really get with such gifts? Your mom needs a time out! That’s right. A mom’s time out. Here are some suggestions for simple gifts saying, ‘Mom, thank you. You can take a break.’

Paris Themed Wedding


french theme wedding ideas

Paris is a city full of romance – from the Eiffel Tower to the Champs Elyse – it has long been heralded as a city for lovers. If you’ve fallen in love with Paris (as well as your fiance), a Parisian themed wedding might just be for you. In planning a Parisian wedding, the name of the game here is gourmet. Gourmet cheeses, breads, chocolates, wines and pastries. Keep decorations simple and classy. Let’s take a look at some outstanding ideas for your nuptials…with a french twist!

A Fancy (and Very French) Wedding Cake Alternative

wedding cake idea for paris theme wedding reception
Let’s face it…Creme Brulee’ is a total delicacy that most of us only get to taste a few times in our life. For a cost that would be fairly similar to an expensive wedding cake, you can sneak some real sophistication into your reception with delicious creme brulee’. Maple, vanilla bean, orange…the options are endless. Ask your caterer about the possibilities!

DIY Wedding Reception Favor Idea

theme wedding favor idea paris If you’re the crafty type, you might want to make this super cute DIY “memories of Paris” snowglobe for your guests to take home as a memory of your special day. It looks like this kind of favor would be relatively simple to pull off – and you can find directions for similar projects here! Happy crafting !

Custom French Themed Wine Bottle Labels

Since we love custom labels, of course we’ve got to show off our awesome custom French themed wedding label. We have a selection but this one is super cute. Order up some of these to add a sense of Europe to your bar selection! Three words for you: Ooh La La!

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Patisserie Table
Creme Brulee’
Snow Globe

Customize Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner


elegant themed rehearsal dinner ideaAh, rehearsal dinners for weddings. A rite of passage, right? Whoever says rehearsal dinners need to be the same-old same-old have it all wrong. Brides get special showers, guys get bachelorette parties, sure – but the rehearsal dinner can be a time for the bride and groom to come together before their wedding and celebrate who they are as a couple. A few simple touches can really make your event pop – both that day and in memory. Let’s take a look at some great ideas.

Pick a Rehearsal Dinner Theme

creative rehearsal dinner themeYou don’t need to go crazy here – just pick a theme that will help tie your event together and make it a bit more personalized. Some folks love everything farm and tractor related – go ahead and honor it (even a few farm related photos in some frames will do the trick). For the couple who loves little more than putting around on the local greens, incorporate their love of golf into the night. For the couple who spends most of their their time at the theater, plan a night with a dramatic touch.

Pick a Rehearsal Dinner Menu

rehearsal dinner menu idea
When it comes to serving large groups of people fast, think speed and quantity over quality! Make as much food as possible ahead of time, don’t be afraid of the grill or even placing a tall order with the local pizza shop. Instead of offering table service, offer different food stations that will make it easy for your guests to get the food they want without the hassle (for everyone).

Make it Personal

custom rehearsal dinner favors
Find some creative ways to really personalize the decorations for this big day. It is, after all, the last day the bride and groom will spend before joining rings (and lives). Custom chocolates will be loved (and remembered) by everyone at the party – custom water bottle labels are always a fun conversation starter!

Gift Idea for Rehearsal Dinners

custom wine bottle for rehearsal dinner idea
Rehearsal Dinners are typically a time when brides and grooms thank their bridesmaids and groomsmen with custom gifts that show how much they appreciate all of the help they received in tying the wedding together. Personalized wine bottle labels can take an ordinary bottle of wine and make it shine! Regardless of your price range, you can make custom mini bottles or larger bottles easily so they sparkle.

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Picnic Table Theme

Elegant Rehearsal Dinner Idea
Wine Bottle

Tiffany’s Theme Baby Shower


Diamonds are a baby shower's best friend - custom labelsIf you’ve got a special expecting mom to throw a baby shower for, think about going with a Tiffany’s theme. Diamonds are, after all, a girl’s best friend! The turquoise and bling theme is the ultimate in sophistication – and will be sure to be photographed, talked about and remembered for a long time. Serve up sophisticated food such as tea, cucumber sandwiches and, if you dare, pate. Make it an affair to remember!


Tiffany’s Theme Punch

theme punch - custom labelsA turquoise punch? Now that’s delicious! Serve up a lemonade punch and add some blue coloring to make it Tiffany’s style. Be sure to test out the food coloring ratio the night before so that you get the color just right!



cupcake - custom labelsAn easy way to make your desert Tiffany-perfect is to make turquoise colored frosting. Frost yellow cupcakes with a turquoise frosting (easy to make with food coloring) for a stunning look that is very similar to Tiffany’s boxes. YUM!

Custom Mini Wine Bottle Favors baby shower wine custom label

Give out mini wine bottles as favors for a gift with a decidedly sophisticated edge. You can print up custom wine labels on the cheap and affix them to mini bottles. For serving guests alcoholic beverages at the party itself, don’t underestimate the power of a simple mimosa! Just orange juice and champagne served in a fancy glass, mimosas will bring the spirit of Tiffany’s to your baby shower. Enjoy it!

Tiffany’s Theme Location
baby shower theme - custom labels
Location is everything when it comes to picking the perfect spot for your Tiffany’s themed baby shower. You can get creative and have it in a fancy living room or outdoors. Pick an atmosphere that says sophistication or one that’s easy to transform (lots of blank wall space). Great decoration ideas include fancy tableware, wine glasses, real (or faux) silver forks and knives, candle sticks and even fake pearls. Have fun decorating – the expectant mom is sure to be wowed by the theme and the work you put in!



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Punch, Tutugirl

Cupcakes, Hostess With the Mostess

Farmer’s Market Wedding



If you’re more into farm stands and wildflowers than fancy floral arrangements and champagne, a farmer’s market wedding might be the right theme for you. A farmer’s market theme is a fresh idea that brings the farm to table movement straight to your guests. Celebrate your love, and your love for nature and the outdoors, with a simple but stunning wedding. Enjoy planning the details so that you wow your guests and give them a day that everyone will always remember! Let’s take a look at some ideas.


 Location, Location, Location!


If you want an outdoors wedding, a farmer’s market themed wedding might be for you. Think about how much fun youhave at a farmer’s market: you probably sample different foods, enjoy the nature, listen to live music and mingle with other shoppers. Find a beautiful location for your wedding and set it up similar to a farmer’s market.


Farmer’s Market Themed Favorsjelly

When you leave a farmer’s market, you get to bring some fun stuff home with you. If you’re going to do a farmer’s market themed wedding, be sure to have some delicious goodies your guests can bring home and enjoy later. Custom jam and jelly jars is a fun idea to tie in the farmer’s market theme; you can get custom food jar labels printed that are both affordable and professional looking.

Farmer’s Market Themed Entertainment

photo credit: jgullo

If you plan to have a kid friendly wedding, it’s easy to provide things for your smallest guests to enjoy. A face painting booth, a potato sack race or other outdoor games will be sure to leave the little ones smiling. For the grown-up guests, a live outdoor band will tie your wedding together. You can skip the expense of a formal dance floor and use the grass for your dancing – although, depending upon the band you contract, you may need to provide a covered outdoor area and electrical outlets!

Farmer’s Market Themed Beer & Wine Tastings!

personalized wine bottle labels

Serve food buffet-style at tables set up to look like farmer’s market farm stands. Have wine and beer tastings, ala a farmer’s market, and order customized wine and beer labels to personalize the experience for your guests!

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farmer’s market, photoskate

meadow, Jim Bahn

live music, Jgullo





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