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Celebrate with 9th Letter Press


So Much To Celebrate CardThere is SO MUCH TO CELEBRATE today at iCustomLabel!  We have officially partnered with 9th Letter Press and will now be bringing you a premier line of stationery cards and products! 9th Letter Press designs feature the fun and whimsical workings of Isabel Ibanez Davis who will continue to be the lead designer, offering you the style of cards you have come to know and love.

Here is a little taste of what you can look forward to:

Adorable Art PrintsRough Storms Art PrintA Celebration of Baby

Bun in the Oven Card

Birthday Cards

Shake a Tail Feather Card

Thank You Cards

Everyday Cards


Anniversary and Wedding Cards

Confetti Courier – A once a month subscription box with five seasonal greeting cards sent right to your front door!

And of course, custom wedding invitations!

custom letter press wedding invitations

So stay tuned for updates and new designs as we relaunch our trusted brands!  We can’t wait to bring you new and fresh designs in the second half of the year!


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DIY Cactus Tealight Favors


With breezy Bohemian themed affairs making the rounds, we wanted to share with you our latest event swag: DIY Cactus Tealight Favors.  These cheery goodies will be a great compliment to a fiesta, cactus party, taco night or Coachella themed gathering.  Requiring minimal supplies and DIY skills, this favor will be easy to make for a novice DIY-er.  Here’s our handy tutorial:

  1. First, gather your materials.  We started awesome mini cactus tealights as our inspiration.  Use two types of cacti for added variety, like the Golden Barrel Cactus and San Pedro Cactus tealights, both available on  For the base of the tealights we used 2″ mini clay pots, like these, available in your local Michael’s or craft store.  They will serve as the base for our favor.  Next, we need these paper flowers, also sourced from Michael’s, to top our cacti, and this gold spray paint to transform our little pots.  Lastly, you will need 26 gauge wire for adding your favor label toppers.DIY Cactus Tealight Supplies
  2. Next, spray paint your pots.  This step is fairly self-explanatory, but here are some spray painting tips: use several light coats for even coverage and be sure to rotate your pots often so you don’t miss any spots.Spray Painted Clay Pots
  3. Then, remove the tealight tin.  The mini tealights fit so snugly in the little clay pots, that the tin is unnecessary.Tealight Candle Cactus Tealight DIY
  4. Next, clip your flower.  These flowers are ideal because they don’t have a plastic base, but rather are attached to a green wire.  This makes them perfect for fitting into the candle, just slide the wire into the hole made by the wick.  Be sure to trim any wire that may be coming from the top of the flower as well.Faux Flower Clipping
  5. Next step: Make your sticker topper.  We used two types of 1.5″ round favor labels, customized here, with wire sandwiched in the middle.  The wire should be skinny enough to fit into the wick hole along with the small flower wire.Sticker Topper DIYTealight Topper
  6. Finally, place your toppers and flowers.  Just slide them right in!
  7. Lastly, ENJOY!
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Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Ideas


Whether you’re a guy or a gal your last fling before the ring should be epic!  Here are our top 5 Bachelor and Bachelorette party ideas that are essential to raising hell before the wedding bells!  Sew those wild oats people… next up is the altar!

  1. Plan for the boys!  If you’re the groom, take care of your wing men.  If you’re a bride, spoil your groom and his guys with a fun basket like this to get the party started.  Custom cigar bands and personalized mini liquor labels will set the tone for a night of refined debauchery.Bachelor Party SwagThe groom and his guys will surely be drunk in love with this set up of little liquors.  Next, up the ante with a little whiskey on the rocks.Custom Cigar Label
  2. Spiff up your Spirits!  No, we don’t mean your morale, we mean your booze!  Try these personalized mini wine labels as the perfect match to a pretty little bottle of Rosé, blush or Zinfandel.Bachelorette Party Mini Wine
  3. Don’t forget the favors!  No party is complete these days without a great favor for your guests.  For the night of, include some fun items to kick off the party atmosphere.  Here a lipgloss, nail polish and mini liquor are just enough to set the tone.  Finally, add a flirty and descriptive label, like the one seen here, to add an element of fun to the gathering.Bachelorette Party Favor
  4.  Do something fun the morning after.  For the few strong that survive, host a breakfast together to help ease that hangover.  But before you do, don’t forget a few embarrassing and fun photos.  Morning-after mug shots make for the perfect way to capture the consequences of fun.Bachelorette Party Mugshots
    1. Speaking of the consequences of fun, before you send your friends on their way, hook them up with a little hangover relief.  Oh $hit kits are fantastic, and easily personalized.  Most importantly, include headache medicine, water, mints and maybe a little hair of the dog!  Lastly, pop your items in a small bag, box or tin, add a sweet label and call it a day.
      Hangover KitHangover KitNOTE: While the wedding is still a ways off, the fun can start now.  Let loose, have fun with your peeps and go crazy… responsibly of course.  A designated driver might be the most important commodity on the evening of a bachelor/bachelorette party.  Whether its Lyft, public transit, a party bus or a peddle pub, the most important bachelor and bachelorette party idea is to make sure everyone gets home safely.
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Build a Stellar Wedding Welcome Bag


Putting together a stellar Wedding Welcome bag can be trickier than it seems.  Between finding the right tote and trying to select the goodies, it can cause unexpected stress in wedding planning.   Trying to do it yourself and pull it all off on your own is even more stressful.  Luckily, a few custom labels can take the hassle and guess work out of coordinating the items in your bag.

A basic box is a great start and holds a ton of items.  Kraft and black paper make for a simple color scheme that is easy to coordinate.  These water bottle labels are waterproof and self adhesive, so they couldn’t be easier to use!   Small plastic bags are cheap and perfect for treats, plus they are easy to find at your local craft store.  Add scrapbooking paper and a favor label, like this one, and your guests will have a handsome snack.  Every good welcome basket has mints and booze, so don’t forget the mini wine labels and candy kiss labels.  With coordinating labels, the effort is minimal and the impact is massive!  Don’t forget the favor label on the top of the box to tie it all together!

Wedding Welcome Box

Here, custom labels are the hero again, pulling all the items together for a coordinated container.  Use this label, typically used on a wine bottle, with a length of black and white ribbon on the front to create a dynamic looking gable box.  Dress up a basic water bottle with these custom labels.  Mini liquor bottles and soda mixer get a makeover with custom liquor and favor labels.  Tried and true spice labels designate hand wipes as “fresh and clean” and snacks as “favorites” to add a dose of personality.   Literally tied together with black and white yarn this attractive welcome bag is a cinch to create.  As for convenience, you can order your labels, gable boxes and treat bags all in one place…wedding bag: complete!

Black and White Wedding welcome box

Who wouldn’t feel welcomed with this gorgeous and dynamic wedding welcome gable box?

Wedding Welcome Box

Lastly, is this stunning and modern wedding welcome tote.  Perfect for a swanky affair, this colorful label will let your guests know they are in for a great event.  Here, this wine label works overtime as both a bottle label and is used again as a door hanger.  To create a hanger like this for your bag, simply add a wine label to a length of sturdy card stock.  Next, use a 2.25″ round hole punch (like this one) at the top and you’re done!  We also switched up the use of this mini wine label to go on a cute square hang tag.  Snacks and the ever-important Tide pen are given descriptive spice labels.  Finally, the quintessential wedding welcome water bottle is beautified with these custom labels.

Wedding Welcome Tote

Encourage your guests to have a great time by including a mini hangover kit as well.  You know, hangovers last a lifetime, but memories last forever!  We made a fun kit here by including a little something for hydration, a little something for the head and a little hair of the dog.


Now that you’ve gathered your items and decided what you want to go into your bag, you’ve got to decide how to get it in the hands of your guests.  In the past, it was common to have the bags waiting for your guests at check-in.  Another alternative is to assemble your items, display them in a pretty way, and let your guests pick and choose what they’d like.  What may be work for you can turn into fun for your guests!

Gathered wedding welcome bag items

Wedding welcome bags are a quintessential way for you and your new Mr. or Mrs. to really show your personalities.  Don’t be afraid to be fun, playful or a bit tongue-in-cheek.  After all, this is just the start of your amazing festivities… ENJOY IT!!!

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Tips to Choosing a Bachelorette Party Theme


Bachelorette parties are an opportunity for a bride-to-be to celebrate one last time as a single lady before walking down the aisle. Tasked with planning the party can be a stressful activity, but also exciting! The bridal party has an opportunity to put together an event that trumps any other bachelorette event. You want your bride-to-be bestie to have the time of her life at her bachelorette party, but how can you make sure it’s unique? Whether you’re leading the party planning or hoping to contribute to the theme idea pool, use these tips to choose a memorable bachelorette party theme:

Make your guest list

The bachelorette party is a day or weekend to celebrate your friend, but the theme should be appropriate for the rest of the guests, too. Before booking the venue and choosing a theme, it’s important to get a pulse on the type of crowd you’ll be inviting. Consider the invitee’s:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Relationship to the bride (a soon-to-be-Mother-in-law might not be on board with a risqué theme!)

Check the calendar

The season and time of year can be an excellent place to start planning your party theme. Here is a list of holidays and occurrences that might spark your imagination for a bachelorette party theme:

  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Groundhog Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • National Wine Day (May 25th)
  • April Fool’s
  • Easter
  • 4th of July
  • International Beer Day (1st Friday in August)
  • Summer/beach
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving

Choose the venue

Your theme should complement the venue seamlessly so sometimes it’s best to choose the venue first–especially if you need to book it in advance. You don’t want it to get nabbed up! Choose a venue that’s easily accessible, affordable, and has adequate space to fit all the guests. Sometimes it’s best to choose a “blank slate” customizable venue where you can add your own personalized decor and props.

Determine the party budget

There’s nothing worse than finding out that the party decor, supplies, and other expenses are going to cost you an arm and a leg when you’re well into planning mode. You can save quite a bit of money by DIY-ing many of the items but knowing up front how much you can afford to dedicate to the party will help you from going overboard.

Creep social media

You’re going to great lengths to plan a party that makes your friend feel special and show her that you’ve put thought into her special day, so it’s important to ensure it’s unique! To make sure she hasn’t been to a party with a similar theme, head over to social media to find photo evidence of the various bachelorette parties she’s attended that were outside of your friends’ circle. Pro tip: Dig in deeper by exploring her tagged photos!

What are her favorite things?

To make your bride-to-be friend truly feel special, plan a party that was planned with her favorite things in mind. Fill out the answers to these questions to help uncover an ideal theme she’ll love:

What is her favorite…

  • Book
  • Drink
  • Movie
  • TV show
  • Place to travel to
  • Hobbies
  • Board game
  • Cuisine, meals, desserts
  • Color
  • Music and band
  • Sports team

Don’t have the answers to some? You may need to subtly ask these questions over the course of your planning process.

Determine how you’ll personalize the party

To tie the theme together, personalized items have the ability to set the tone and ensure the theme is immediately clear to the guests.

Custom labels

Get personalized wine labels for the party component and personalized water bottle labels for the morning after. Your friend will be proud to tote her branded H20 bottle around while heading out to brunch.

personalized bottlepersonalized water bottle labels

Personalized ‘pillow’ chocolates

Don’t you love when hotel staff leaves a little chocolate on your pillow? Treat your bachelorette party guests to the same royal treatment with personalized candies! Perfect for a late night snack.

Personalized ‘pillow’ chocolates

Party Kit

What better way to welcome your guests with personalized party kits? Inside you can include an itinerary, mini bottles, snacks, and party favors.

personalized party kits

Bachelorette parties are a celebration for the bride-to-be to spend one last night with her best girlfriends; one that she’ll want to remember forever. Whichever theme you choose for the bachelorette party, just be sure to include personalized decor that each guest can take home as a keepsake!

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