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Tips to Choosing a Bachelorette Party Theme


Bachelorette parties are an opportunity for a bride-to-be to celebrate one last time as a single lady before walking down the aisle. Tasked with planning the party can be a stressful activity, but also exciting! The bridal party has an opportunity to put together an event that trumps any other bachelorette event. You want your bride-to-be bestie to have the time of her life at her bachelorette party, but how can you make sure it’s unique? Whether you’re leading the party planning or hoping to contribute to the theme idea pool, use these tips to choose a memorable bachelorette party theme:

Make your guest list

The bachelorette party is a day or weekend to celebrate your friend, but the theme should be appropriate for the rest of the guests, too. Before booking the venue and choosing a theme, it’s important to get a pulse on the type of crowd you’ll be inviting. Consider the invitee’s:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Relationship to the bride (a soon-to-be-Mother-in-law might not be on board with a risqué theme!)

Check the calendar

The season and time of year can be an excellent place to start planning your party theme. Here is a list of holidays and occurrences that might spark your imagination for a bachelorette party theme:

  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Groundhog Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • National Wine Day (May 25th)
  • April Fool’s
  • Easter
  • 4th of July
  • International Beer Day (1st Friday in August)
  • Summer/beach
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving

Choose the venue

Your theme should complement the venue seamlessly so sometimes it’s best to choose the venue first–especially if you need to book it in advance. You don’t want it to get nabbed up! Choose a venue that’s easily accessible, affordable, and has adequate space to fit all the guests. Sometimes it’s best to choose a “blank slate” customizable venue where you can add your own personalized decor and props.

Determine the party budget

There’s nothing worse than finding out that the party decor, supplies, and other expenses are going to cost you an arm and a leg when you’re well into planning mode. You can save quite a bit of money by DIY-ing many of the items but knowing up front how much you can afford to dedicate to the party will help you from going overboard.

Creep social media

You’re going to great lengths to plan a party that makes your friend feel special and show her that you’ve put thought into her special day, so it’s important to ensure it’s unique! To make sure she hasn’t been to a party with a similar theme, head over to social media to find photo evidence of the various bachelorette parties she’s attended that were outside of your friends’ circle. Pro tip: Dig in deeper by exploring her tagged photos!

What are her favorite things?

To make your bride-to-be friend truly feel special, plan a party that was planned with her favorite things in mind. Fill out the answers to these questions to help uncover an ideal theme she’ll love:

What is her favorite…

  • Book
  • Drink
  • Movie
  • TV show
  • Place to travel to
  • Hobbies
  • Board game
  • Cuisine, meals, desserts
  • Color
  • Music and band
  • Sports team

Don’t have the answers to some? You may need to subtly ask these questions over the course of your planning process.

Determine how you’ll personalize the party

To tie the theme together, personalized items have the ability to set the tone and ensure the theme is immediately clear to the guests.

Custom labels

Get personalized wine labels for the party component and personalized water bottle labels for the morning after. Your friend will be proud to tote her branded H20 bottle around while heading out to brunch.

personalized bottlepersonalized water bottle labels

Personalized ‘pillow’ chocolates

Don’t you love when hotel staff leaves a little chocolate on your pillow? Treat your bachelorette party guests to the same royal treatment with personalized candies! Perfect for a late night snack.

Personalized ‘pillow’ chocolates

Party Kit

What better way to welcome your guests with personalized party kits? Inside you can include an itinerary, mini bottles, snacks, and party favors.

personalized party kits

Bachelorette parties are a celebration for the bride-to-be to spend one last night with her best girlfriends; one that she’ll want to remember forever. Whichever theme you choose for the bachelorette party, just be sure to include personalized decor that each guest can take home as a keepsake!

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5 Creative Customized Bachelorette Party Favors


Your best friend is tying the knot and it’s up to you to throw the bachelorette party of the year. You have come up with the perfect venue (or maybe venues!) and a selection of exciting activities. But you’re still puzzling over what to give out as party favors. You hope to create a memorable last-night-single event for your best friend. And that means paying attention to every detail of the party.

You don’t want the party favors to be run-of-the-mill or too boring. But you also don’t necessarily want them to be too off-color or silly. You’re looking for fun with a big hint of classy. You also want to make sure they’re customized just for the event. No cheap trinkets or knick-knacks for this party. And you might be looking to create party favors that seem high-end without breaking your budget.

It’s a tall order, but very doable. You can easily put together amazing packages to give to each guest at the end of the night. These gifts can be focused on self-care and pampering, or they can have a fun party twist.

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A Guide to Nailing Your Wedding Wine Label Design


Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.46.19 PM

Choosing the right gifts for your wedding guests is essential for creating lasting memories of your special day. A wedding wine is an ideal way to remind your family and friends years later of the fantastic time they had at your wedding! A generic bottle with its original label is a nice gesture — but a personalized bottle with a custom label makes the gift a thoughtful, special, and meaningful memento.

Custom wine bottles are not just unique and creative gifts; they are cost-effective, too. You’ll save money by ordering just the wine labels for your bottles than specially labeled bottles direct from a winery. It is significantly less expensive to ship wine labels, too, than it is to purchase and ship custom labeled wine bottles. Buy the bottles separately at a local retailer and label yourself for more control, creativity, and savings.

So, where do you even start when choosing and designing your wedding wine label? We’re here to help!

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Don’t you just love vow renewal parties? They are such intimate events for the happy couples and a great chance to crown their love once again and share it with the closest friends and family. Many couples didn’t have a big wedding they always dreamed of. So why not have one and celebrate love with a big white rustic vow renewal wedding? This could be the second shot to make a dream come true and realive all those overwhelming feelings from the first time you tied the knot. Say your I do’s once again in a romantic, a bit rustic, but yet elegant and heartwarming atmosphere. Here are some vow renewal festivity highlights we want to share with you.

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Do you love modern art? So do we. That’s why we’d like to share with you a few tips on how to throw the best modern art gallery wedding ever! But first thing’s first-you need to find an appropriate gallery for the wedding. Galleries are usually spacious but are they spacious enough to host a large number of guests? Don’t worry, even if you can’t find a good space, awaken the artistic spirit in yourself and create your own. With a few crafty and stylish moves, you can turn any space into a modern art gallery at any time. Just take a look at the photo above. A large painted message behind the reception tables opens up the space and brings in the mystical scent. Large but thin vases with white flowers are ideal centerpieces for modern weddings as they are such elegant decor. And you can’t go wrong with black and white contrast neither. Purchase some modern black and white tablecloths and matching napkins, just be careful with the patterns imprinted. You don’t want to overdo and go from modern to comic.