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wedding theme country barnyard fall Are you the kind of couple that prefers star gazing in a meadow to glitzy city hotspots? Do you and your beloved enjoy nature, country fairs and horseback riding? If your answer is yes to any of these, a country barn wedding theme might be the ticket for your special day! Whether you want a big wedding with all of your extended network of family and friends attending – or you’d prefer to keep it small with just your closest family and best buds – a country barn wedding is totally scale-able depending upon your unique needs. Let’s check out some cute ideas to give your wedding a romantic and decidedly rustic feel!
country wedding themed table centerpiece ideasIf you’re searching for the perfect rustic centerpiece for your country wedding – mason jar candles are an easy and affordable way to go. Available at major stores and online for canning, nothing says quaint or country quite like the mason jar. Fill these jars up with some pretty marbles from a craft store, water and a votive candle on top. We especially like how they are tied with twine in the photo! wedding-cowgirl-idea
Go traditional – with a country twist. Wear cowgirl boots to your wedding and dance the night away in style (and comfort). A nice pair of cowgirl boots are a great investment as they can be worn again and again. Boots will jazz up your wedding photos, especially if you have your bridesmaids wear them too! We love how in the photo above these boots are made a bit more special with the addition of a personalized touch – what a great idea!
mason jar themed wedding favor In keeping with the mason jar centerpiece above, we absolutely love our mason jar gift tags for giving out favors. These super cute gift tags bring a personalized touch to your gift giving! What kinds of favors could you give out? We like the idea of maple candies, honey in mason jars, little bottles of bug spray (if your wedding is outdoors), flower seeds and mini-plants! No matter what you choose, remember to keep it country and get creative (oh, and have fun with it).
rustic wedding cakeIn choosing a beautiful wedding cake for the country wedding theme, it was so very hard to choose just one. From elegant English garden wedding cakes to monster truck themed ones, there’s a lot of variety for you out there. We love the one above because it is simple, fun and classy!

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