Customized Christening Cards: Style & Design Tips


A christening is a momentous day in a young child’s life, and in the lives of his or her entire family. This new chapter in life brings friends and family together to welcome the child into God’s family.

Creating the perfect Christening card is important, as this is sure to be a day the family will remember forever. Below are our top tips for making a Christening invitation the perfect introduction to an unforgettable celebration.

TIP #1: Proper Notification

It is a good idea to send out Christening invitations at least three to four weeks in advance to ensure the best turnout. If you are opting to have the Christening near a holiday or you have a lot of out-of-town guests, give even more of a heads-up by sending out the invitations five or six weeks in advance.

TIP #2: Format

The format of a Christening invitation is not much different from any other type of invitation. You will want to be sure to include a header, which is oftentimes a bible verse relevant to the occasion. Also on the invitation should be the following:

  • Parent’s names
  • Baby’s first and middle name
  • Date of Christening
  • Time and location of Christening
  • Reception date, time and location (if applicable)

With iCustomLabel, you have a variety of format options. Take a look at the Elegant Photo Invitation and the Four Corner Scroll Tiffany Invitation to see two very different format options available from iCustomLabel.


The Elegant Photo Invitation has the option to place a photo of the child on it. Some people like this personal touch, while others would rather have just the text, as seen in the Four Corner Scroll Tiffany Invitation. The Four Corner Scroll Tiffany Invitation still has personality to it, but in a different way than the Elegant Photo Invitation.

TIP #3: Font

There are really two options when it comes to the font for a Christening invitation: formal or informal. As you can see by the picture, the Ornate Cross Scroll Accent Blue Invitation has an elegant, formal feeling to it due to the cursive lettering and its pairing with a complementary script font. The Floral Damask Invitation – Pink, however, is much more casual and informal with its font size variety and type.



TIP #4: Tone

The tone of the Christening invitation is also something to consider – do you want your invitation to have a more formal tone or an informal tone? Formal toned invitations typically have the date and times spelled out, rather than written as a number, as seen in the Victorian Cross Invitation – Edge Border – Pewter. For a more casual feeling such as that of the Just Stripes Blue Invitation, times and the date are written as numbers.



Ordering the Invitation

Now that you have decided on the design details for your Christening invitation, creating it using iCustomLabel will be the easy part. iCustomLabel’s easy-to-use, quick, and personalized website will help you build the perfect Christening invitation in a matter of minutes.

Below is a step-by-step of how the ordering process works when ordering from iCustomLabel:

Step 1: Choose your invitation style from the suite of options on the website.

Step 2: Personalize it. Input all of your information into the text boxes clearly highlighted online and then click “Next.”

Step 3: Following the personalization, you will be able to choose how many invitations you would like to order, what shape you would like the invitation to be, and more.

Step 4: Check the approval boxes and click “Add to Cart” to complete your order.

Step 5: After registering your email with iCustomLabel, your order will be placed and your invitations will soon be on their way.

For guaranteed quality and efficiency with the greatest ease of use, iCustomLabel is your go-to source for Christening invitations. Contact us today to get your perfect invitation started.

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  • SheriSellsHomes
    February 10, 2017

    Precious idea … I may replicate with my new granddaughter! I’m trying this site for the first time, ordering labels, as a realtor and hope the product is as pleasing in person as it is on the web. I look forward to continued business with iCustomLabel.

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