Guide to Hosting The Perfect Gender Neutral Baby Shower


Your best friend calls you to announce that she’s pregnant. You excitedly congratulate her and tell her what a great mother she’ll be. Then she delivers the news: she doesn’t want to find out the baby’s gender until the little one is born. You immediately think of the baby shower you’re going to be throwing in a few months. How will you plan the shower of the year without knowing the gender?

Today, it is not uncommon to find yourself faced with planning a gender-neutral baby shower. Some parents want the thrilling surprise of finding out the gender at birth. Other parents might instead want the fun of a gender-reveal party. Others still might be expecting both a boy and a girl. Twins! And some parents might just want to get away from the gender-focus and instead have a party that’s perfect for a baby boy or girl.

Planning a gender-neutral party doesn’t have to mean cramping your creative style and it certainly does not have to be boring. There are plenty of great ways to make your baby shower the event that’s talked about for years. Here are a few ideas to help you start brainstorming:

Bee-themed – “What Will Baby Bee?”

This could work a number of different ways. The bee theme can be focused on a long-anticipated gender-reveal toward the end of the party. Or it can simply include decorations and activities focused on a sweet little bee theme. Either way, guests will find this idea adorable and it works perfectly for a baby boy or girl.


Woodland Animals

Think baby bears, hedgehogs, foxes, birds, and squirrels. There is nothing gender-specific about little forest creatures. But there is everything to love about them. Because, really, who can resist a tiny fawn? You can include really fun decorations, woodland-themed food, and some of the cutest invitations.



Owls and Foxes

Speaking of little animals, you could instead plan the theme around one or two specific animals. Any of the woodland animals would work for this idea, though everyone agrees that owls and foxes are extra cute. But you could also pick jungle animals, such as an elephant, since they are a classic baby theme.



Sunshine or Rain Clouds

Instead of animals, create your theme around the weather! Make paper puff rain clouds and beautiful little raindrops. Include umbrellas and galoshes in your decor and games for even more fun. Just imagine how cute raindrop cupcakes would be! This theme would also be perfect for a baby sprinkle for a mom-to-be expecting her second or third child.







Sometimes picking just one color theme is boring. So choose the whole color wheel instead! Rainbows work great as a color theme or to integrate actual rainbows in your rain cloud theme. Either way, there is a lot of potential to create a fun and colorful party.




Little Traveler

Maybe the guest of honor loves to travel and plans to take the little one on adventures as soon as she can. Plan your theme around traveling to honor this fun part of their lives. You could focus on one country (or even city!). Or go for more of a global adventure theme. Whichever direction you choose, your guests are bound to have a blast.



Cultural Celebration

Building on the previous idea, you could choose to focus on one specific culture. Perhaps your friend spent some formative years in Thailand or their honeymoon in Europe. You can recreate the culture through activities, decorations, food, and even by hiring cultural entertainers.




Pat the Bunny or Peter Rabbit

Classic children’s stories make an excellent theme for gender-neutral baby showers. Nothing is more timeless or sweet as a little bunny. Especially one that is so near and dear to all of our hearts. This is a soft, sweet theme that will make your guests reminiscent on their own childhoods and excited to celebrate this new baby!



Alice in Wonderland

This is a great theme that will generate plenty of perfectly themed activity ideas. Host a Mad Hatter tea party, complete with top hats, “Eat Me” painted desserts, and fancy tea settings. Or invent a game of “Paint the Roses Red” with card costumes that will elicit plenty of laughs.



Rubber Ducky

This is a classic gender-neutral icon, but it’s also quite simply a classic. You could go vintage with this idea and decorate with all kinds of rubber duckies from past eras. Or choose modern renditions of the duck, fitting it into a classy gender-neutral color scheme like teal and white.



Little Reader

Parents who love literature will most definitely be reading all the children’s classic to their new baby. Create your party around just one well-loved book or around a more general theme of books. You could focus on sweet baby books like “Goodnight Moon” or older children books like Harry Potter. It’s the kind of party that will delight the book lovers in your group.



It’s All About The Food

You can never go wrong as a party planner to simply throw an event focused on food. You could go any direction with this, but make sure it has a focused food theme and isn’t just another potluck party. One fun option is to throw a barbecue party (or a BabyQ party)!



Creating a gender-neutral baby shower can be a fun challenge to undertake. But it doesn’t mean you have to resort to pale green and yellow color schemes and the same old boring games. The world of gender-neutral is full of adventure, classic children’s icons, and fun for everyone. From ultra-creative gender-reveal showers, to boy-and-girl twin celebrations, or to simply ditch the overdone blue and pink – your baby shower party can be a memorable event treasured by the parents for many years to come.

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