A Guide to Nailing Your Wedding Wine Label Design


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Choosing the right gifts for your wedding guests is essential for creating lasting memories of your special day. A wedding wine is an ideal way to remind your family and friends years later of the fantastic time they had at your wedding! A generic bottle with its original label is a nice gesture — but a personalized bottle with a custom label makes the gift a thoughtful, special, and meaningful memento.

Custom wine bottles are not just unique and creative gifts; they are cost-effective, too. You’ll save money by ordering just the wine labels for your bottles than specially labeled bottles direct from a winery. It is significantly less expensive to ship wine labels, too, than it is to purchase and ship custom labeled wine bottles. Buy the bottles separately at a local retailer and label yourself for more control, creativity, and savings.

So, where do you even start when choosing and designing your wedding wine label? We’re here to help!

Choose Your Wine:

First things first, you’ll want to pick your wine.

Since you’ll probably have a least a few dozen guests at your wedding, you’ll want to buy wine in bulk from wholesale stores like Costco, Sams Club, or Total Wine for the best deals.

When choosing your wine there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

Red, White, Rosé, or Sparkling?

Choosing wine for a wedding gift that might not be opened for quite some time is a lot easier than selecting a wine to pair with your meal. No matter what color you choose, be sure to pick a wine variety that is easy to drink and not overly specialized. This will guarantee that the majority of your guests are happy with their gift. For white wines, Sauvignon Blanc is versatile and seasonally neutral; while Pinot Grigio is a light white wine that is usually a crowd pleaser, especially in warmer months. If you prefer reds, you can go with America’s most popular wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, or try a super flexible, medium-bodied Pinot Noir. If you’re looking for something a little more exotic, you could also select a Zinfandel, favored among most red-wine drinkers.

Don’t forget rosés as a possible wine type for your gifts. Dry rosés are affordable and pair well with all types of foods, seasons, and times of day – so no matter when your guests decide to uncork their bottle of rosé, it’ll be the right time.

If you don’t want to decide between red, white, or rosé, consider selecting a sparkling wine for your gift. The bubbles will recall the celebratory nature of the wedding day so your guests can relive their memories and toast to you all over again! Prosecco or Moscato are great choices for a sparkling wine that is affordable but still elegant. Or you can go with a traditional bottle of champagne for a more upscale gift.

Choose your bottle:

The kind of wine you choose will determine the bottle’s shape and size, which in turn determines the size of the label you’ll need.

The pre-designed wedding wine templates on our site are created in the standard 3.5 x 5-inch size as well as the smaller 3 x 3-inch size.

There are three standard types of wine bottles: the Burgundy bottle, the Bordeaux bottle, or the Alsatian/Mosel bottle (these are just bottle types, they don’t have to do with the type of wine inside, necessarily). Our 3.5 x 5-inch label works perfectly on all three.

The Burgundy bottle:

The Burgundy bottle has gently sloping shoulders and is typically used for Pinto Noir, Chardonnay, and other light and complex reds, like Nebbiolo and Etna Rosso. Created in the nineteenth century, this shape was an easy one for glassmakers to create and quickly became favored by vineyards in the Burgundy region of France, hence the name.

The Bordeaux bottle:

The Bordeaux bottle is notable for its distinctive straight shoulders. It is the bottle used for Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, the most popular red varietals in the world. While the exact reasoning for its shape remains speculative, some say that it was created to catch sediment that would accumulate in Bordeaux wines as they were being decanted.

The Alsatian/Mosel bottle:

Finally, the Alsatian/Mosel-style bottle is the slenderest of the three standard bottle types. Used originally for Riesling, this bottle has a delicate, tall appearance. Any of these three bottle shapes would fit the 3.5 x 5- inch labels you’ll find on our site.

For mini wine bottles (called ‘splits’) or champagne and some sparkling bottles, you’ll want to choose our 3 x 3-inch square label. With wider, shorter bodies splits and sparkling bottles need a more compact label. Our designs are created to help you fit just as much information and artistry on these smaller labels as on the standard sized ones.

Design Your Label:

Once you have decided on your wine type, bottle, and wine label size, you can begin the important (and fun!) part of creating your gift: designing your label!

Most couples are very particular about wedding details and the labels they use for their wine bottles are no exception. If you’re artsy and creative, you’ll have the freedom to personalize your label however you wish with our custom label template. Alternatively, couples short on time or creativity can order a stunning wine label by quickly and easily modifying one of our pre-designed templates.

Getting the design just right on your label will make sure that your gift is not only cherished by your guests but memorable, too. Below are a few things to consider when designing your wedding wine label:

  • Consistency. Keep consistent with your wedding theme. You’ve planned every other detail of your event around a theme so don’t deviate now! A wedding design that repeats details, colors, or unique features is one of the best ways to achieve a kind of brand status for your wedding day. You can add small visual flourishes to your label that tie in your theme. For example, if you had a beach wedding and used shells and other marine details in your décor, add a shell or starfish graphic to your label to remind your guests of your beachfront celebration. Use your label to recall the theme from your invitations or save-the-date cards, too, tying in any special colors or graphics. By designing a wedding wine bottle label that is consistent with your wedding theme, you’re creating cohesion to your event that will be noticed and remembered.
  • Color. Be sure to incorporate your wedding colors into your wine label design to create a look that complements the coordinated aspects of your wedding. Did you use all pink hues in your flower arrangements? Maybe choose a design that draws these colors in and will help people recall the floral decorations. Were greens and purples the colors in your wedding party dresses and ties? Accent your label design with these complementary colors to strengthen your guests’ memories of your special day!
  • Font. To create a sense of continuity, the font on your wedding wine label design should coordinate with the style you have selected for your invitation set. We have a variety of labels to match virtually any wedding style — romantic, classic, modern, casual, simple, abstract. If you used a particular font on your invitation or other printed material for your wedding day, replicate that font on your gift wine label for continuity.
  • Personalize. We offer label options that allow you to use a personal photo in your design. Add a sentimental picture of you and your new spouse to the text on your label to memorialize the day right on the bottle!
  • Style. Stay true to your personal style. Remember this is your day and should reflect your taste and flair. Show it off on your label!

The perfect wedding gift is equal parts thoughtful, unique, and desirable—custom wine is all three. The label design options at iCustomLabel allow you to make your gift a perfect reflection of your day. By giving your guests a personalized bottle of wine with a label that captures the details, colors, and even photos of your wedding day, your friends and family will have a keepsake that is a lasting reminder of the fun time they had celebrating you! Our versatile selection of designs suits any taste and style. Take a look at our custom labels and find the right one for you. Adding this personal touch to your gift will make it a truly unforgettable day!


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