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It’s always hard to find a refreshing and pretty bachelorette theme. But the truth is it should be only about having a blast getting together with your girls and sharing a glass or two with a bride-to-be. That’s why we’re bringing you a simple party recipe: a little bit of pink mixed with a little bit of every bottle of wine or beer. Yup, the best recipe for the best summer wine and beer tasting bachelorette party. Some would think that beer and wine don’t go well together. But this is your bachelorette party and you should definitely be allowed to break a rule or two, right?

Here’s what we have in mind when we say ‘pink’.


Summertime is the time of girly flowers and lots of pink roses. Have several vases filled with roses, coral peonies, and viburnum. They will look delightful displayed on a large white tablecloth. Imagine the scent of beautiful flowers in a warm summer breeze-the perfect setting! Since there will be a lot of wine and beer tasting, make sure to have plenty of glassware. This would be the best time to use the finest glasses you’ve been keeping for years.


And what goes well with pink roses? You got it-rose wine. It’s the girliest wine among all and sophisticated enough to match a bachelorette party. A quick online lesson or two on serving wine and you’re ready to kick it off. For a real wine tasting, you’ll need custom wine labels to mark each bottle and give some tips which flavors make perfect pairings. In addition to wine, serve a plate with cheese and similar nibbles for each girl. One to two ounces per person will be just enough. Or you can have a big cheese buffet with soft and hard cheeses (light or intense) so that each girl could choose for herself.



Next stop-beer tasting section! Have as many beer brands on the table as you can. Label them with chic pink labels which you can design yourself, and add cute girly notes or quotes. As a fun party activity, prepare beer rating cards for each girl. Later on you can see which beers are to be forgotten and which not (that is if you manage to be sober by that time).


Can’t party on without cupcakes! To match the theme color and add a feminine touch, decorate your treats with pink frostings or pink cupcake toppers. They need to look really girly-girly. We also love the little chocolate pearls on the top. And one last tip: have fun!


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