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Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Ideas


Whether you’re a guy or a gal your last fling before the ring should be epic!  Here are our top 5 Bachelor and Bachelorette party ideas that are essential to raising hell before the wedding bells!  Sew those wild oats people… next up is the altar!

  1. Plan for the boys!  If you’re the groom, take care of your wing men.  If you’re a bride, spoil your groom and his guys with a fun basket like this to get the party started.  Custom cigar bands and personalized mini liquor labels will set the tone for a night of refined debauchery.Bachelor Party SwagThe groom and his guys will surely be drunk in love with this set up of little liquors.  Next, up the ante with a little whiskey on the rocks.Custom Cigar Label
  2. Spiff up your Spirits!  No, we don’t mean your morale, we mean your booze!  Try these personalized mini wine labels as the perfect match to a pretty little bottle of Rosé, blush or Zinfandel.Bachelorette Party Mini Wine
  3. Don’t forget the favors!  No party is complete these days without a great favor for your guests.  For the night of, include some fun items to kick off the party atmosphere.  Here a lipgloss, nail polish and mini liquor are just enough to set the tone.  Finally, add a flirty and descriptive label, like the one seen here, to add an element of fun to the gathering.Bachelorette Party Favor
  4.  Do something fun the morning after.  For the few strong that survive, host a breakfast together to help ease that hangover.  But before you do, don’t forget a few embarrassing and fun photos.  Morning-after mug shots make for the perfect way to capture the consequences of fun.Bachelorette Party Mugshots
    1. Speaking of the consequences of fun, before you send your friends on their way, hook them up with a little hangover relief.  Oh $hit kits are fantastic, and easily personalized.  Most importantly, include headache medicine, water, mints and maybe a little hair of the dog!  Lastly, pop your items in a small bag, box or tin, add a sweet label and call it a day.
      Hangover KitHangover KitNOTE: While the wedding is still a ways off, the fun can start now.  Let loose, have fun with your peeps and go crazy… responsibly of course.  A designated driver might be the most important commodity on the evening of a bachelor/bachelorette party.  Whether its Lyft, public transit, a party bus or a peddle pub, the most important bachelor and bachelorette party idea is to make sure everyone gets home safely.

Keep Calm & Party On Theme Party


keep-calm-celebrate-onIf you’re throwing a party for an adult, you may be searching for a fun theme that doesn’t scream out “Wow: you’re old now” or “age inappropriate”. It can be hard to find something in the middle but we’ve got good news – so keep calm and plan on. We love the idea of a “keep calm” (the popular internet saying adopted from Britain) themed party. We found some festive ideas for celebrating the calmness – and it can be adapted for any type of event (from a bridal shower to a 50th birthday). Let’s take a look at our top finds!

Casino Bachelor Party



Bachelor party coming up? Many grooms will agree that a bachelor party is the most desired part of the wedding. Whether you are planning your party for a night or you have a whole weekend bachelor bash in mind, you still need to plan it and make all the reservations at least month ahead. If you are thinking theme party-you’re thinking right. Casino theme party would do great. Here are some tips how to throw the craziest casino bachelor party ever!


Ruletka - Kasyno - HazardGambling? Definitely! It may cost a lot, but all the guys from the party could chip in. There are a lot of games to choose from, and as long as it includes having a good time, go for it. Try calling some casinos nearby to see if they could supply you with slot machines and poker or roulette tables. Sure you can find these stuff online as well. Entertainment guaranteed! Now let’s roll the dice!

91jku+OzARL._SL1500_Roullete shots? Yes, please. Guys just love drinking games, so why not throw them a game of their life. Find some regular glasses and label them with numbers. Fill them up with different alcohol drinks and revise the roulette game rules. Can’t go wrong with this one!

La Palina Classic Cigars

bfe835dea00967ca7372cda4eb856c10Ahhh, you will feel like real gentlemen with these. The finest smoke at your casino party. Order a box of La Palina cigars and share them in the midst of the party. You may want to show the guys some cigar smoking techniques. After all, you don’t want to waste these little treats.

Food, food, food


Your stomach would be thankful for this casino night party food. The food should be made or sliced into small pieces and preferably be a combination of chicken and turkey roulette roll-ups. They are yummy and easy to make at the same time. Perfect for your boys night!

Bottoms up!

60dc2f4f75cf8ddc3a28ca55167c193aCreate you own casino bar using custom labeled drinks. Red and black are in the option. You can’t go wrong with beer or scotch. Serve it in style and over ice. Some of the guys would like to pace themselves when drinking so make sure there are some water bottles on the table.

Need sugar?


Try not to drool too much. Three words for you: Casino Cupcake Toppers. Create your own toppers for delicious handmade or ordered cupcakes. They will round up your party and provide you with enough sugar to keep your party going until dawn. Have yourselves a proper bad hangover!


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