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Saturday Morning Cartoons & Cereal Birthday Party


cartoon cereal birthday

What kid doesn’t love Saturday morning cartoons, cereal and pajamas? This is a new spin on both the breakfast party – and the sleepover. It’s totally adorable, affordable and easy to pull off. Plan it on a Friday night (so you have Sunday to clean up) or just have a non-sleepover party in which your guests head over the morning of. If you can bring out more than one T.V for the party (think: iPads, computer screens, etc – get creative) you’ll add to the festivity and fun of a party devoted to everyone’s favorite secret past time – relaxing in front of the set with a bowl of delicious cheerios (well, almost everyone’s…). If you’re anti TV – some of us are – switch out the tv cartoons for cartoon books and newspaper strips! Below are some more ideas to really make your Saturday Morning Cartoons & Cereal Birthday party a winner…