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Cute as a Button Wedding Ideas



If you like bright overflowing floral weddings as much as we do, then you’re going to love these cute as a button wedding ideas. Wedding essentials include button invitations, button flowers and flower jars, button chairs, and button shaped treats. Let’s start with the invitations that you can see above. Cute colorful printables with a special touch-buttons! A few different sized buttons attached to the cards will give a real insight into the wedding theme and a sneak peek of which colors will be used in the wedding. Another great idea would be to use button address labels specially printed for each guest.

Fun Adoption Party Ideas & Tips


adoption party ideas theme Are you welcoming a new son or daughter into your family? Congratulations! What a wonderful occasion – and we wish you absolutely all the best. Your adoption party is a wonderful way to welcome your new little one into your family and community. It is a display of love, warmth and hope of all of the beautiful things to come for all of you. They don’t sell adoption themed party sets in stores (yet) and no one adoption is alike – so it only makes sense that you might want to put a personalized twist on the big event.  Let’s take a look at some adorable ideas to incorporate into your party!

It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s a Stork-themed Baby Shower!


stork-themed-showerAre you in charge of planning your favorite lady’s special day? If your best friend, sister, daughter or boss has a baby on the way, you know that her baby shower is a day she’ll cherish for the rest of her life. When it comes to planning a baby shower, the details count. We love the idea of a stork themed baby shower because it’s a. cute, b. hip and c. gender-neutral. We did some serious web sleuthing and found some of the most eye-catching stork ideas out there for you: check out what we found for you!

Happy Anniversary



Time flew and it’s been a while since you stood there by your friends’ side at their wedding. You just realized their anniversary is coming up and want to surprise them with a very special gift they both can enjoy? We’ve got an awesome idea!

icm_fullxfull.31373821_nnofrdv8d34w8wks8sgsPersonalized wine bottles! I’m sure you know your friends’ favorite type of wine. That’s great because you’re going to use it to make such a thoughtful gift for them.

Order one or more bottles of the wine and create your own label for them. Personalize it by including a photo of your friends. Don’t have a photo? Not a problem! Just create one that includes their names or their big date and share some personal thoughts about their love for one another. Maybe you can remember something from their wedding wows to share? Believe me, they will appreciate it!

One last thing!


To really surprise them, have the gift delivered to their home address. To add a nice touch to it, create your own address label at our icustom page and slap it on the box. Don’t forget to include the number of years they have spent together. So there you go-a perfect wedding anniversary gift for your friends!

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Wedding wallpaper

Lil’ duck duck

A Couple’s Baby Shower




It’s time for baby shower planning. No need to stick with the conventional mom-only-shower. To make it unique and fun, come up with the party that includes both mom and dad-to-be. You just need to avoid over-cutesy themes and make it gender-neutral. Here are six tips for hosting a couple’s baby shower.

1. Choose your theme

custom labelsNow that you have recruited both genders, you may want to choose a theme that is casual and fun. One of the best ways to keep it neutral and simple is to throw a picnic-theme celebration. Classic table clothes and napkins, grilled food and delicious treats will all make a lovely memories for the guests and parents-to-be.

2. Guest List & Invitations

bbq baby shower invitations15It’s time to make a guest list and send out invitations. Before doing so, you need to consult with both parents-to-be. It is important that they approve of your guest list. When sending out the invitations, highlight the fact that it is a shower for both men and women. If you are inviting couples, put both names on the envelope using specially designed custom address labels?

3. Food

main-bbq-party-ideasEveryone is a fan of barbecue. Guys can take care of the grill while girls enjoy some catching up with one another.

Just ensure you have all the proper serving utensils and enough tables and seating.

4. Don’t forget the drinks

CI-Laura-Fenton_party-baby-shower-nametag-stirrer_s4x3_lgThis is a baby shower so mom-to-be can’t drink. Here are some creative non-alcoholic drinks to fit the occasion. Use customized bottled water and add some slices of fresh lemon to it. Also, nametags are a great way to dress up the drinks.

5. Gifts for him and her

Since you need to prepare gifts for both parents, it would be a good idea to include some unusual or humorous items. How about On duty and Off duty pillowcases? These would certainly keep them un-divorced.

pillowcases_pillow_smWhat a cool baby shower gift!

6. Thank you gifts

personalized-baby-shower-candy-jar-400Can’t think of cute and memorable thank you gifts for your guests? Think of favors like personalized candies or custom cupcakes-they are a nice treat. Or how about this lovely personalized Baby shower candy jars? You may as well create your own tags saying something sweet and memorable.

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