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Trade Show Booth Design Success!


Wedding Booth Vintage TypewriterWith our second Wedding MBA show now behind us, it’s time to share our trade show success!  I’m happy to report our booth came together perfectly, and we received plenty of great feedback.  But, in spite of the compliments, Vegas was not without hiccups, and unfortunately not without tragedy.

Before mentioning our triumphs, it needs to be noted that we were in Las Vegas during the deadliest mass shooting our nation has seen.  The following days were both saddening and heartwarming; watching both the news and the outpouring of love in Vegas.  The Knot and Wedding Wire, typically competitors, merged their two show events into one large party.  This gave the attendees that magical ‘one big happy family’ feeling.  Thank you to the Knot and Wedding Wire for merging the parties so quickly and completely and allowing us all to relax in a secure and fun environment.  I think all of Vegas needed a drink that night… but when doesn’t all of Vegas need a drink?

Our booth came together seamlessly, thanks to lots of planning.  We featured a gold, blush and cream color palette. Dripping in flowers, our booth was a stark contrast from last years more masculine colors and feel.  We created an inviting space that would be attractive and make our booth impossible to resist.  Now THAT’S trade show success!Wedding MBA booth 6130

In addition to welcoming colors, we boasted favors and giveaways to lure in the most resistant of show-goers.  Our favor options included: a hangover kit, candy and popcorn.  The popular hangover kit included an Emergen-C, Mint Lifesaver and Advil… all the essentials for surviving even the worst hangover.  The label says it all: Hangover Survival Kit; YOU’RE WELCOME.  Believe me, we received many thanks for giving this out the morning after the Knot and Wedding Wire party!  These make a great addition to any Wedding Welcome bag, or bachelor/bachelorette party favor.  Purchase the fun label here, the kraft bags here.  Finally, but the goodies inside from Amazon here: Advil, Lifesaver, Emergen-C.

Hangover Kit with Custom LabelsOther favors included a sweet Smartie and savory bag of microwave popcorn.  The popcorn was a simple microwave bag, purchased from the ever-trusty Costco, but you could use any brand.  We used the same Kraft bags that were utilized in our hangover kit to create an adorable brown paper package.  Then, all we had to do was tie it up with string!

Popcorn Party Favor with Custom Label

You can purchase Smarties in bulk from your local Party City.  Then, place it in this 3″ x 4″ self-sealing cellophane bag .  Next, add a small piece of chipboard and the perfect label, which can be purchased here, and you’ve got one SMART favor on your hands!Smartie Candy Favor with Custom Label

Our giveaways were our piece de resistance featuring 4 bottles of delicious and coveted BOOZE!  (Buy this CHEERS label here)  Here is one of our happy winners: a new friend from JC Room Blocks – a fantastic vendor that every bride needs!  If you are having a destination wedding, room blocks are par for the course, so give them a call!  You’ll be happy you did!

Custom Label Winner - trade show success

That’s officially a wrap on our trade show success folks!  See you next year at WED MBA 2018!

Modern Art Gallery Wedding



Do you love modern art? So do we. That’s why we’d like to share with you a few tips on how to throw the best modern art gallery wedding ever! But first thing’s first-you need to find an appropriate gallery for the wedding. Galleries are usually spacious but are they spacious enough to host a large number of guests? Don’t worry, even if you can’t find a good space, awaken the artistic spirit in yourself and create your own. With a few crafty and stylish moves, you can turn any space into a modern art gallery at any time. Just take a look at the photo above. A large painted message behind the reception tables opens up the space and brings in the mystical scent. Large but thin vases with white flowers are ideal centerpieces for modern weddings as they are such elegant decor. And you can’t go wrong with black and white contrast neither. Purchase some modern black and white tablecloths and matching napkins, just be careful with the patterns imprinted. You don’t want to overdo and go from modern to comic.

Hansel & Gretel Birthday Party



We’re so excited about this Hansel & Gretel themed birthday party! It’s a total hit at any kids’ birthday bash, especially if you’re planning a party for twins. Colorful surrounding and bunch of candies will make this dark story so wonderful and joyful. We just can’t stop wowing this gingerbread house backdrop for the candy table. Isn’t it breathtaking? We’re sure you can find someone to custom build it for this very special sweetness overloaded event.

Purple Birthday Bash



Purple is a girly girl color, right? Every little princess adores purple shades so if you have one with a birthday coming up, you might consider throwing a real purple birthday bash with a couple of guidelines from us. This party is easy to plan and it’ll keep you on the budget. The most important thing is to be creative and think like a princess. To set up the venue, you’ll need a big table with white or/and purple tablecloth. Perhaps it would be best to go with the white one as it’ll open up the space, and then just add purple elements to keep up with the theme. Purple napkins, balloons, paper butterflies, and a huge “Happy birthday” banner will all create the perfect setting. You can purchase purple or violet cups and plates and have all the guests dress in the same color. Can’t get enough of purple!

Ghouls Night Party



Here’s to all the girls out there who just wanna have fun! How about a ghouls night party on the spookiest night in the year? You can have the party in or out and as long as your costume is chic and fun, you’re into having a blast with your closest girlfriends. Yey! Above you can see a sample of invitations you can use. But the choice is all yours and you can use colors you like or even include a scary photo of you and your crowd.

Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower



Begin at the beginning and go until you come to the end. Then stop. Yes, we’re all a bit mad here! But it’s perfectly fine because we’re in the Wonderland. Oh my, just think of all the little details you might include into your party, especially if you’re hosting an Alice in Wonderland baby shower. This is the kind of party which can be held both indoors and outdoors (what a relief!). All you need to do is to make it as colorful and as cheerful as the welcoming of a new baby can be! Yay! Colorful tea cups, cute silver fork and knives, pink tablecloths with white flowers as centerpieces will do great. You can print out the favorite quotes of the mom-to-be and frame them. Place them around the tables and watch as they bring smiles to other people’s faces.

Halloween labels



Knock knock! Trick or treat! Hey everyone, Halloween is near and you’re probably as busy as bees planning adult or kids scary party. We bet you need help with custom labeling. That’s why we’re bringing you a bunch of Halloween labels you can use to personalize your big event and make the experience unforgettable.

30th Birthday Barbecue Party



Summer, birthday, and barbecue-what more is there to be said?! Sunny days make everyone crying out for barbecue in the backyard. Chilling and enjoying some juicy seasoned goodies is the best way to celebrate your 30th birthday. Thirties are the new twenties, right? They need to be equally celebrated. So call up your friends and have them over for the best rocking 30th birthday barbecue party ever. There’s no need to think too much about the venue. A few vintage items on a huge lunch table will set the theme for you. Use an old vase with yellow flowers as a centerpiece and have plenty of polka dotted paper sacks and napkins. Simple, yet adorable!

Pink Birdies Baby Shower



Showers are fun! But they can sometimes be exhausting as it can get difficult to make everything special and memorable for the guest of honor (that is mom-to-be). So close friends and family need to find a perfect theme that matches the character of the little one’s mommy. If she is as delicate as the loveliest flower in the world and always craves for romance and softness, then this pink birdies baby shower is perfect for her! Every detail needs to be stunning as every detail counts. You’re going to need a real palette of soft pinks for that and several bird figures. You can use silky fabric as tablecloth and create a birdie nest by using simple details like wooden frames, bird cages, or paper pennants to hang on the wall. Add some delicate white and pink flowers. You can use jars as holders, just wrap them up nicely in soft cellophane or paper. If you still need that one thing to make it all even more romantic and soft, add a few personalized pink candles. It will create a more pleasant setting.

Beach Wedding Essentials



Beach weddings are so romantic and they never go old-fashioned. If you’re planning to crown your love in the most romantic and sweetest atmosphere, there are some beach wedding essentials that will make the planning and ceremony a lot easier and complete.

Here are five essentials that any beach wedding should include: