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A Guide to Nailing Your Wedding Wine Label Design


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Choosing the right gifts for your wedding guests is essential for creating lasting memories of your special day. A wedding wine is an ideal way to remind your family and friends years later of the fantastic time they had at your wedding! A generic bottle with its original label is a nice gesture — but a personalized bottle with a custom label makes the gift a thoughtful, special, and meaningful memento.

Custom wine bottles are not just unique and creative gifts; they are cost-effective, too. You’ll save money by ordering just the wine labels for your bottles than specially labeled bottles direct from a winery. It is significantly less expensive to ship wine labels, too, than it is to purchase and ship custom labeled wine bottles. Buy the bottles separately at a local retailer and label yourself for more control, creativity, and savings.

So, where do you even start when choosing and designing your wedding wine label? We’re here to help!

Baby Bear 1st Birthday Party



Is your little boy already one? Wow, the time really flies by! Congrats to the little champion and to you happy parents! Organizing the first birthday party is a huge bite and surely you want every little detail well planned. Well, you first need to find a good theme and we just have one in mind. How about a baby bear 1st birthday party? You can throw an amazing birthday bash for all your guests-big and little bears. Just take a look at the stunning cake in the photo above. Awww! Find a cake and cupcake toppers here and decorate those goodies some more! Little bears also love honey, milk, and homemade cookies. If you bring in some rustic elements into the bash, as well, you’ll have the biggest bear hugging event ever!

Campfire Birthday Party



Hey there, scouts! Do you have a boy wishing for a campfire birthday party? Want to throw him an unforgettable event so he could share his love for outdoors with his friends? Awesome! Camping is so much fun but if you are not willing to take your kids to a real destination camping, you better come up with lots of rustic ideas and create the real thing atmosphere. To help you with that, we want to share a few tips that Kameela Lewis from Tutus and Bowties Events presented on HWTM. Moreover, are team would be thrilled to help you recreate some of the party must haves like campfire cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, gift tags, and jar labels.

Wine Wrapping Tips




Hey there wine lovers! Since we love our wine bottle labels, we decided to dedicate this post to all of you who want to share a bottle of wine as a gift but just can’t handle the wrapping process. Bottle wrapping in general can be stressful and very few are perfectly skillful at it. But we’re going to give you three wine wrapping tips on how to dress up your wine into a fine gift.

Chevron Baby Shower



It’s a new day and every day is good for party planning, especially if you’re hosting a baby shower. Whether a mom-to-be is expecting a baby boy or a girl (or both), there isn’t better neutral theme than chevron baby shower. Obviously, right? Soft pink and aqua blue will set the perfect setting for a welcome baby party and with a few custom labels and printables, your party is set to be a total hit! Here’s how . . .

Ranch Wedding



Destination weddings seem to be more and more popular and many couples choose to have their wedding ceremony in outdoor spaces such as vineyards, farms, resorts, and ranches. A ranch would be a perfect back drop for a wedding ceremony as its beautiful nature scenery is perfect for guest hosting and romantic photo shooting. If you know a ranch nearby that you think could inspire you to add a rustic and vintage feel to your wedding, then you have found yourself a perfect destination. Yey! In the photo above you can see some of the ideas you can easily incorporate into the ranch wedding. Create an entrance with old barn doors decorated with lots of flowers. You can set the main ceremony area anywhere in the beautiful greenery (we’re thinking under an old tree). More rustic elements coming up . . .

Fossil Hunter Birthday Bash



Is your kid obsessed with dinosaurs and fossils?  Want to throw him/her a real fossil hunter birthday bash with fossil digging and identifying? Hold your breath because we’re bringing you some awesome shots of Gretchen’s little guy birthday party. Here’s how she managed to create a fossil theme using creative ideas and DIY projects. Just take a look at the candy bar above. She served a Dino chocolate cake, fossilized shark teeth, dinosaur eggs, and rock cupcakes with dinosaur toppers. The combination of dark and white chocolate did its work and the kids could dig in these yummy treats looking for bones and skulls hidden under edible toppings.

Cute as a Button Wedding Ideas



If you like bright overflowing floral weddings as much as we do, then you’re going to love these cute as a button wedding ideas. Wedding essentials include button invitations, button flowers and flower jars, button chairs, and button shaped treats. Let’s start with the invitations that you can see above. Cute colorful printables with a special touch-buttons! A few different sized buttons attached to the cards will give a real insight into the wedding theme and a sneak peek of which colors will be used in the wedding. Another great idea would be to use button address labels specially printed for each guest.

Bridal Shower Gift



It’s wedding season and you’re probably invited to a wedding or two of your close friends or family. That means you need to bring a gift to their bridal shower or wedding ceremony. Coming up with the perfect bridal shower gift can be time-consuming and really exhausting. But not anymore! Watch out ’cause we’ve got the best bridal/wedding present that your newlyweds will simply adore- a wine basket with poems!

Flamingo Girls Fiesta



Summer hotness should bring more girls parties or girls nights in. With the weather so warm, any party should be fun and a bit cheeky. Well, it’s time you call all your girls and throw an unforgettable flamingo girls fiesta! Flamingo theme is joyful, refreshing, and totally girlish! All you need are a few glam retro flamingos, several glittering custom bottles and cups, some themed flowers, and pale pink feathers to decorate the entire place. Oh, and a twinkling candy bar is a must. Yay!