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It’s National Wine Day!


It has been with you through your ups and downs.  It has seen you at your best and ushered you through your worst.  It has lead the way through celebrations and comforted you when the world was stacked against you.  Today we honor the friend that has been with you through everything: WINE.

May 25 is National Wine Day, and here at iCustomLabel, we’re celebrating in style.  We’re here to help take the stress out of that Wine and Cheese party you’ve been dreaming of.  In fact, we’ve made it so easy all you need to do is supply the wine, cheese and friends.  And nothing goes with a glass of wine like great company and conversation.  As if we really needed an excuse to go bottoms up!

Let me introduce you to our great friends Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.  These wine labels are a fool-proof way for your party guests to perfectly pair wine and snacks all night long.

Easy Wine and Cheese party musthaves

It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Wine and Cheese Party Spread

If you’re a Chardonnay lover, click here.  If you’ve got to have red, you can find the label here.

Custom Wine Party Labels


Add the element of surprise by labeling your bottles with numbers so your guests can enjoy a blind tasting.  Add a number in your favorite font to these customizable labels and your party will be underway in no time!Numbered Labels for Blind Wine Tasting

Feel like being a rebel?  Swap the bottles for a jug of Sangria… click here for lovely and delicious recipes.Summer Sangria

A Guide to Nailing Your Wedding Wine Label Design


Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.46.19 PM

Choosing the right gifts for your wedding guests is essential for creating lasting memories of your special day. A wedding wine is an ideal way to remind your family and friends years later of the fantastic time they had at your wedding! A generic bottle with its original label is a nice gesture — but a personalized bottle with a custom label makes the gift a thoughtful, special, and meaningful memento.

Custom wine bottles are not just unique and creative gifts; they are cost-effective, too. You’ll save money by ordering just the wine labels for your bottles than specially labeled bottles direct from a winery. It is significantly less expensive to ship wine labels, too, than it is to purchase and ship custom labeled wine bottles. Buy the bottles separately at a local retailer and label yourself for more control, creativity, and savings.

So, where do you even start when choosing and designing your wedding wine label? We’re here to help!

30th Birthday Barbecue Party



Summer, birthday, and barbecue-what more is there to be said?! Sunny days make everyone crying out for barbecue in the backyard. Chilling and enjoying some juicy seasoned goodies is the best way to celebrate your 30th birthday. Thirties are the new twenties, right? They need to be equally celebrated. So call up your friends and have them over for the best rocking 30th birthday barbecue party ever. There’s no need to think too much about the venue. A few vintage items on a huge lunch table will set the theme for you. Use an old vase with yellow flowers as a centerpiece and have plenty of polka dotted paper sacks and napkins. Simple, yet adorable!

Romantic Grey and Pink Wedding



We love weddings and everything wedding-related! That’s why we can’t resist bringing you these sweet ideas how to turn the most important day into a fairytale. If you don’t want a specific theme for your wedding, why not simply turn it into a romantic and elegant ceremony? All you need to do is to combine colors you like into a wonderful wedding color palette, just like this couple did for their romantic grey and pink wedding. Check out these super romantic bride and groom chairs decorated with pale pink avalanche roses, baby’s breath, and grey foliage. You can use these flowers as centerpieces for all the tables and it will look charming, yet simple. The bride and the groom can also incorporate pink and grey into their wedding dress or suit, respectively. Groomsmen could wear grey suits, and bridesmaids could wear pink dresses with silver shoes.

Last Minute 4th of July Decorating Ideas


10463014_390222587782230_5258268349103896790_nThe Fourth of July is here and it’s the time when you can enjoy and celebrate freedom, good food, and fireworks in the company of friends and family. Do you already have some outdoor get-together plans? If no, you better hurry up and plan your day. If you need help with clever and fun last minute 4th of July decorating ideas, we’re here to help! All you need is a backyard grill, refreshing drinks, and festive red, white, and blue party favors.

Personalized Wedding Thank You Gifts


1555498_330421977095625_1997600759_nA wedding is an important celebration that brings associates and family together to witness the union of a man and woman. Personalized wedding thank you gifts are essential as well as they make the guests feel blessed and special for coming. The giving of wedding favors is a common practice with a long history where people high in society started the culture and slowly it was adopted as a regular practice in weddings. As a suggestion, a homemade favor offers a unique way to appreciate your guests not to mention it is budget friendly. Alternatively, the favors you present to your guests can reflect their personal style for a memorable experience. The most common personalized favors include custom jars with candies, cupcakes, chocolates, custom wine bottles, and custom wine, just to mention a few.

Wine and Beer Tasting Bachelorette Party



It’s always hard to find a refreshing and pretty bachelorette theme. But the truth is it should be only about having a blast getting together with your girls and sharing a glass or two with a bride-to-be. That’s why we’re bringing you a simple party recipe: a little bit of pink mixed with a little bit of every bottle of wine or beer. Yup, the best recipe for the best summer wine and beer tasting bachelorette party. Some would think that beer and wine don’t go well together. But this is your bachelorette party and you should definitely be allowed to break a rule or two, right?

Neon Bridal Shower


anders-ruff-neon-bridal-shower-party8Neon is back! That’s right. The palette of the most beautiful glowy colors will open up so much options for your bridal shower. Neon colors are great because they complement every neutral tone base. So you can have your base color either black or white like in the photo above. There are tons of neon bachelorette and bridal shower party favors out in stores, but there’s lots of room for DIY elements, as well. You can make sparkling lanterns, tie neon ribbons around cups and glasses, color knives and forks, decorate chairs or tablecloths with neon spots, and many more! To add some more to the setting, hang around some balloons or neon tassels and confetti. That way you will create the perfect setting for photo shooting (after all, if not captured-it would be lost).

Classic Wedding Theme Ideas



What are the ingredients of every traditional wedding? A bride in white, a groom in a tux, and a formal dinner, right? If you’re in doubt which wedding theme to choose, you can always go back to classics. You can never go wrong with it because classic weddings are timeless. So if you’re into something that will never go out of season, want to have something old, new, and borrowed, try out some of these classic wedding theme ideas. Have a wedding planner to help you out with the big and small details like setting up a venue. The setting should not scream for attention, but rather speak about how romantic and intimate the event is. Contrasting duos like black and white or black and yellow are ideal for classic weddings. But don’t be afraid to incorporate any colors you like. After all, this is your special day! To make the party really stand out, pay attention to centerpieces and decorations. Tall, thin, transparent vases with flowers of your choice will create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere. Just don’t get too carried away and always keep it sophisticated.

Love Bird Wedding Theme Ideas


Love-Birds-Cake-Toppers1Hey there love birds! Ready to plan the loveliest wedding and settle down in your very own love nest? If you’re in love with the whole concept of “love birds” like we are, then you’re going to adore this quick love bird wedding guide. There are tons of sweet ideas to incorporate into your wedding. Love bird party favors, birdcages, love nests, feathers, candles, treats, and love bird decor-options are endless. We’ve listed five essentials that will compliment your party and make you two birdies enjoy closeness and companionship while singing the song of love.