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It’s National Wine Day!


It has been with you through your ups and downs.  It has seen you at your best and ushered you through your worst.  It has lead the way through celebrations and comforted you when the world was stacked against you.  Today we honor the friend that has been with you through everything: WINE.

May 25 is National Wine Day, and here at iCustomLabel, we’re celebrating in style.  We’re here to help take the stress out of that Wine and Cheese party you’ve been dreaming of.  In fact, we’ve made it so easy all you need to do is supply the wine, cheese and friends.  And nothing goes with a glass of wine like great company and conversation.  As if we really needed an excuse to go bottoms up!

Let me introduce you to our great friends Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.  These wine labels are a fool-proof way for your party guests to perfectly pair wine and snacks all night long.

Easy Wine and Cheese party musthaves

It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Wine and Cheese Party Spread

If you’re a Chardonnay lover, click here.  If you’ve got to have red, you can find the label here.

Custom Wine Party Labels


Add the element of surprise by labeling your bottles with numbers so your guests can enjoy a blind tasting.  Add a number in your favorite font to these customizable labels and your party will be underway in no time!Numbered Labels for Blind Wine Tasting

Feel like being a rebel?  Swap the bottles for a jug of Sangria… click here for lovely and delicious recipes.Summer Sangria

Wedding Succulents



Have you heard of succulents? These water retaining plants are so beautiful and have an amazing texture. They come in different colors like green, pink, dusty blue, mint, and even purple. You can purchase them throughout the entire year and they can live without water for weeks. You can dress them up or down as you wish and they are ideal for both winter and summer weddings. These are probably only some of the reasons why so many brides and grooms decide to incorporate as many wedding succulents into the ceremony as possible. If you have a wedding coming up, succulents may be the perfect addition or theme.

Ghouls Night Party



Here’s to all the girls out there who just wanna have fun! How about a ghouls night party on the spookiest night in the year? You can have the party in or out and as long as your costume is chic and fun, you’re into having a blast with your closest girlfriends. Yey! Above you can see a sample of invitations you can use. But the choice is all yours and you can use colors you like or even include a scary photo of you and your crowd.

Beach Wedding Essentials



Beach weddings are so romantic and they never go old-fashioned. If you’re planning to crown your love in the most romantic and sweetest atmosphere, there are some beach wedding essentials that will make the planning and ceremony a lot easier and complete.

Here are five essentials that any beach wedding should include:

Bridal Shower Gift



It’s wedding season and you’re probably invited to a wedding or two of your close friends or family. That means you need to bring a gift to their bridal shower or wedding ceremony. Coming up with the perfect bridal shower gift can be time-consuming and really exhausting. But not anymore! Watch out ’cause we’ve got the best bridal/wedding present that your newlyweds will simply adore- a wine basket with poems!

Flamingo Girls Fiesta



Summer hotness should bring more girls parties or girls nights in. With the weather so warm, any party should be fun and a bit cheeky. Well, it’s time you call all your girls and throw an unforgettable flamingo girls fiesta! Flamingo theme is joyful, refreshing, and totally girlish! All you need are a few glam retro flamingos, several glittering custom bottles and cups, some themed flowers, and pale pink feathers to decorate the entire place. Oh, and a twinkling candy bar is a must. Yay!

Golden Vineyard Wedding



Are you looking for a wedding theme that will truly represent the two of you as a couple? Looking for an intimate outdoor venue? We’ve got the perfect option for you, a golden vineyard wedding! Wine country is the perfect setting for detailed and intimate wedding allowing you to host lots of friends and family guests. You will definitely fall in love with the beautiful greenery and with a few personalized details, your wedding will turn into the most memorable event ever. You can ask help from a wedding planner or you can design the entire venue yourself. The highlights of the setting should be wooden elements, wine glassware, golden and orange flowers, little bit of gold shades, and lots of liquor and cigar tasting bars.

Incredible Colorful Glam Wedding Ideas



Plain white weddings are dull, don’t you agree? Well, the only way to have a memorable wedding is by going colorful all the way. You can decide to find a color theme to blend with everything: from invitation cards, the wedding attire of the groom and bride, and accessories and decorationslike chandeliers. While a cool shade of color works well for a winter wedding setting, vibrant and bright shades are appropriate for summer. On the other hand, pastels complement the spring. Here are incredible colorful glam wedding ideas that will blow your mind away.

Adult Birthday Party Planning Tips



Need a step-by-step guide on how to throw the best rocking or simply casual birthday party? Struggling to choose the right theme? There are a variety of birthday themed ideas you can choose from to get you planning for a memorable birthday. However, a fruitful themed birthday requires good preparation. Some of the essential things to consider including are the menu, decorations, the theme of your choice and costumes to create the perfect party ambience. Before you settle for a specific theme, deliberate on each option to ensure you find a practical idea that you can work with. For example, when setting up a ‘50s theme party, charity stores are a great source for costumes and old ornaments and furnishings –all which can create a unique feel without draining your bank account. Here are four adult birthday party planning tips to get you on the right track.

Time For Happy Hour? Cheer Up Gift Ideas


presents for friends who are sadAre you, or one of your loved ones, having a bad day, week, month, year – or yikes, even decade? We get that. Life sure isn’t easy – but sometimes, good friends, fun and delicious wine can turn a frown upside down (at least for a night). On that note, iCustom is proud of our totally adorable, totally cheerful ideas for a fun, or at least happier, way to make your special someone feel a bit less down in the dumps. Let’s take a look at some fantastic ways to spread some cheer regardless of what’s going on outside.