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It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s a Stork-themed Baby Shower!


stork-themed-showerAre you in charge of planning your favorite lady’s special day? If your best friend, sister, daughter or boss has a baby on the way, you know that her baby shower is a day she’ll cherish for the rest of her life. When it comes to planning a baby shower, the details count. We love the idea of a stork themed baby shower because it’s a. cute, b. hip and c. gender-neutral. We did some serious web sleuthing and found some of the most eye-catching stork ideas out there for you: check out what we found for you!

Country Barn Wedding Theme


wedding theme country barnyard fall Are you the kind of couple that prefers star gazing in a meadow to glitzy city hotspots? Do you and your beloved enjoy nature, country fairs and horseback riding? If your answer is yes to any of these, a country barn wedding theme might be the ticket for your special day! Whether you want a big wedding with all of your extended network of family and friends attending – or you’d prefer to keep it small with just your closest family and best buds – a country barn wedding is totally scale-able depending upon your unique needs. Let’s check out some cute ideas to give your wedding a romantic and decidedly rustic feel!

Customize Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner


elegant themed rehearsal dinner ideaAh, rehearsal dinners for weddings. A rite of passage, right? Whoever says rehearsal dinners need to be the same-old same-old have it all wrong. Brides get special showers, guys get bachelorette parties, sure – but the rehearsal dinner can be a time for the bride and groom to come together before their wedding and celebrate who they are as a couple. A few simple touches can really make your event pop – both that day and in memory. Let’s take a look at some great ideas.

Pick a Rehearsal Dinner Theme

creative rehearsal dinner themeYou don’t need to go crazy here – just pick a theme that will help tie your event together and make it a bit more personalized. Some folks love everything farm and tractor related – go ahead and honor it (even a few farm related photos in some frames will do the trick). For the couple who loves little more than putting around on the local greens, incorporate their love of golf into the night. For the couple who spends most of their their time at the theater, plan a night with a dramatic touch.

Pick a Rehearsal Dinner Menu

rehearsal dinner menu idea
When it comes to serving large groups of people fast, think speed and quantity over quality! Make as much food as possible ahead of time, don’t be afraid of the grill or even placing a tall order with the local pizza shop. Instead of offering table service, offer different food stations that will make it easy for your guests to get the food they want without the hassle (for everyone).

Make it Personal

custom rehearsal dinner favors
Find some creative ways to really personalize the decorations for this big day. It is, after all, the last day the bride and groom will spend before joining rings (and lives). Custom chocolates will be loved (and remembered) by everyone at the party – custom water bottle labels are always a fun conversation starter!

Gift Idea for Rehearsal Dinners

custom wine bottle for rehearsal dinner idea
Rehearsal Dinners are typically a time when brides and grooms thank their bridesmaids and groomsmen with custom gifts that show how much they appreciate all of the help they received in tying the wedding together. Personalized wine bottle labels can take an ordinary bottle of wine and make it shine! Regardless of your price range, you can make custom mini bottles or larger bottles easily so they sparkle.

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Picnic Table Theme

Elegant Rehearsal Dinner Idea
Wine Bottle

Throw an Art Birthday Party


birthday-cake-for-art-partyDo you have a little artist in your family? You know the type – they can’t put their sketchbook down and they’d rather play with paints then tools. Whether it’s a phase or a lifelong love, recognize your little one’s passion with an art-tastic birthday party. We’ve got some great ideas that are sure to paint a most awesome party for your little one!

Serve Up Some Artistic Birthday Goodies

art birthday party food serving idea
Artists need their palettes right – well, your little artists are going to need their fuel. Lucky for everyone, it’s easy to buy artist palettes at a local art or home repair shop. Fill it with brightly colored and healthy snacks such as bananas, blueberries and strawberries. Now that’s something worth painting a portrait of!

Arty Birthday Banner

art-birthday-bannerPaint swab chips are bright, colorful and usually – free! By all means, incorporate them into your party theme! You can string several chips together to make a nifty birthday banner you can use again for your next lil’ artist. Love this idea!

Cupcake Topper & Take Home Craft Idea

custom art cupcake toppers
What’s more fun to do at an art party then to get a bit messy with everyone’s favorite…Tie Dye! Get out the newspapers, get out the supplies, find some paint, rubber bands and white shirts – and go to town. Your kids will love this traditional party favorite (hint – dye outdoors if you can). Tie the theme together with some gorgeous tie dye themed cupcake toppers that come custom made with your little artist’s name right on ’em. Woot!

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Art Birthday Cake
Fruit Palette
Paint Chip Banner

Nautical Themed Bridal Shower


nautical bridal shower decoration Do you have a bride who loves the beach more than ballrooms? Whether she’s planning an oceanfront ceremony or just loves her beach days, a nautical themed bridal shower might just be for her! Let’s take a look at some wonderful ideas to put some sun into the bride-to-be’s special with these great nautical theme and decoration ideas!

Gold FIsh Snack Bar

goldfish snack for nautical bridal showers This idea is too cute not to share. Did you know they make those delicious goldfish snacks from our childhoods in some decidedly gourmet flavors these days? From parmesan to dark chocolate, the goldfish are a changin’. Set up an adorable little gold fish sampling bar as in the photo. Yummy!

Make Your Own Flavor Water Bar

flavor water bar for ocean themed bridal showers Whether your bar choices will be alcoholic or non, making your own flavor water bar is a fun and easy way to tie together the whole nautical theme for guests. Put out different “flavors” such as lemons, cherries, limes and oranges – you can even experiment with some different soda flavors (if you dare). If you want to get a bit fancy, go ahead and order custom water bottle labels!

Make Your Cupcakes Beach-y

beach-themed-cupcake Who says you’ve got to go overboard when it comes to a cake? Keep it simple and keep your sanity with these super cute cupcake toppers! These guys make it easy to jazz up cupcakes or cakes within seconds. A must-have for any busy party planner!

Keep it Classy with Nautical Flags

nautical-flag-decoration-bridal-shower If you’re looking for a fun and classy way to decorate your beachy shower, consider nautical signal flags. They bring to mind yachts, Martha’s Vineyard and weekends on Nantucket. You can make them yourself or buy packages! Cute, chic and a custom touch. Photo Credits: Sand Jar Table Centerpieces Goldfish Snack Idea Flavor Water Bar Idea Nautical Signal Flags

Unique Baby Shower Accessory Ideas


PErsonolized labelsWhether you’re planning a baby shower for yourself, or for a friend, you know that the devil is in the details when it comes to decorating. You want the designs to be as unique as possible, and you want your guests to appreciate your creativity. There are several ways to help your creative ability shine when you’re decorating for a baby shower. Here are a few unique accessories that you can add to several pieces.


Custom Seat Tags

When you’re planning the games for the event, use custom seat tags to get your guests placed properly. It will be helpful to know their names ahead of time, but if you’re not sure whose coming, there’s another way to tackle this. Use personalized gift stickers and create funny names for each chair. It could be something silly like “nice people sit here”, or “reserved for the best dressed guest.” The goal is to use these labels to create a seating area that’s inviting and memorable for the guests.


Custom Name Tags

Nametags can be fun at baby showers. Again, if you’re not sure about the names of each person, create a custom design and have a space where each guest can fill in their own name. The custom design should definitely fit with the theme of the event, but it could have a funny quote attached to it. These nametags not only work well as icebreakers, but you may find that people tend to gravitate towards the tags with sayings and quotes that fits their personality.


Personalized Baby Bottles

2You want to say thank you to the people that attend the baby shower, and you can do this with customize gift stickers attached to baby bottles. You can put your own special message on them, and this is a great way to show guests that you appreciate them showing up and bringing a gift. You can have them on a table where guests can grab them on the way out, or pass them out during one of the games.

Baby showers are fun to decorate and host, and using personalized gift stickers to create unique accessories can help to make the environment exciting. Whether you choose to create the labels on your own, or purchase them, make sure that you check the spelling of all the text for any errors or grammatical mistakes.